Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Our sweet 7th son

Roger Matthew.

& Roger.

We liked the name and frankly couldn't settle on another J name so Roger it is.

I'm totally messin with ya.
I crack myself up.

Let's start over again shall we?
Yes I think we shall.

Introducing our sweet 7th son


J somethin or other anyway.. 
He doesn't have a name yet.
Yes we are that lame.
We'll figure it out eventually I promise but in the meantime let us bask in the cuteness that is


We expect a pretty quick process in order that we may reach him in time to try and save his heart, PA came today and we pray that the rest of the process will go incredibly quickly.

With such a short amount of time between now and travel we are humbly asking for your help in raising the remaining ransom required to reach him.

Adoption is....well.....expensive
God is.....well.....BIG
our fear is......well.....small.

3 international adoptions within a few months will collectively kick our financial boo-tay and thanks to the incredibly gift of $5,000 from an anonymous donor and saving we are not terribly far away from reaching the amount needed to save him.

$12,000 and an ocean stand between him and us.

We would also be so thankful if you would help us by spreading the word on your blogs with the button or linking the blog on the Book of Face.
Book of Face.
Come on, that was funny.
I dunno.

Also if you care to tell my husband how much you love the name Jude I would be so grateful.
I love it.
well, doesn't.
But perhaps it's nothing a little peer pressure can't fix.
I'm just sayin.

To the donor: Wow. Weeks later I still lack the adequate words to express our un-ending thanks and gratefulness to you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being a part of his story. I cannot wait to one day introduce you to the miracle that you had a hand in. Please know that we will never forget the love that you have poured out on us.

Ever grateful,
John and Sonia.

PS I would like to state publicly that I like the name Roger and meant no harm or offense. I would ask that all the people of the world named Roger not write me a letter expressing your offense.....I mean you no harm. I'm just weird is all. Now if you would like to write me a letter telling me I'm weird then that, yes that, would be ok.


  1. lol...you had me going there for a minute! Every post you write makes me smile. What a little cutie he is! How amazing to have a donor come forward for him! I know God will provide the funds to bring him home. BTW...I LOVE the name Jude!! I think it fits perfectly with your brood...no offense to Roger, of course!

  2. Thanks for the laugh! I love the new pictures!!! Looks so good with all those handsome faces. Congrats on the new little one! You amaze me.

    I have to say though, while I like Roger, not so much a fan of Jude. How about Jonah instead?? :)

  3. How precious!!! He is so handsome!!! You are one lucky MaMa.
    When are you traveling? Maybe we'll go at the same time!!
    Like Jen- I, too, love the name Jude.

    Hey, John!! We REALLY like the name Jude!!!

    : )
    Love ya!!

  4. "Roger" looks like an adorable addition to your family. :P But THREE 7 year olds?! You are amazing. And with that said, you deserve to get the name you want. Plus I really like the name Jude.

  5. You all amaze me. I am still overwhelmed with the 4 I have. (Wait... only 3 at home now; Emily moved out this week.) I'm so glad God gave you the desire and capacity to fill your home and hearts to overflowing like this.

    As for names... What about Jeremy or Joshua?

  6. Posted on the Book of Face and will continue to push, I mean promote your blog to everyone I can! :)
    He is ADORABLE! Your boys are so cute! All 7 (you don't have to tell Jason I said that...). :)
    Lots of prayers headed out to J!

  7. You really had me going! I'm with Monica- you should get the name YOU want! But I'm still voting for Joshua, Joshua, Joshua!!!! Hey- here's a novel idea---- how about "Jay"??? original, huh?

    Lori McCary
    (waiting in Florida for my third 7 year old too!)

  8. I love the name Jude. And I actually was starting to like Roger, but was feeling so sad for him to be the only with a different name. I was thinking of a way to tactfully tell you!

    Weird, yes! But that is what keeps us coming back for more!

    I am so happy that you are going back for this little guy. He has been on my heart for a long time!

    Clicking over to chip in!
    Love & blessings from Hong Kong,

  10. Very cute post! How about Joshua?! As in "Joshua fought the battle..." since it sounds like he has a big battle to wage with God's help.

  11. I thought Jude right away before seeing you post it.
    However, what about Jonah? Jonah means dove of peace and it has fit my Jonah perfectly.
    I'm so excited about this adoption. praying for support.

  12. Roger that. I will be posting on the Book of Face today. (I thought it was funny!) And I will be donating ASAP. He is such a cutie, cutie!!!! Yay!!!!! Go get him FAST. Please USCIS and please CCCWA move all the paperwork FAST!

  13. Hee, hee! Roger, you had me goin' for a sec. :) I will be praying steadily for everything to move faster than it ever has, that funding would be provided and that your hubby decides Jude is perfect (wink, wink). ;) Your J man is adorable! :) I'll post this on my blog later today and FB! :)

  14. I love the name Jude too. Husband isn't sold on it in this house either.

    Praying for your little J something or other.

  15. I love Jude too...Jay is cute and , of course...I love Jayden as well :)Congrats...SOOO wish we were still close- I would love to meet the boys :)

  16. Oh my goodness, he is so precious! Just adorable! And I love the name Jude.


  17. Ha! You totally had me going with Roger. He is a beautiful child. I like the name Jude, but there are so many fun J names like Josiah, Jedidiah, Jayden, Jeremiah, Jagger, or Jasper. How will you choose?

  18. Please check out my blog and consider purchasing by new eBook, Good Grief! Proceeds will be going to bring ROGER JUDE home! So excited for you Sonia and John!!

  19. He is absolutely adorable!!!

    Love the name Jude!

    I vote for Jude!!!!

    I will definitely post on my blog!

  20. Ha- you are so funny!! I think you should name him Larry!!
    Okay- you had me going on the name thing! I was trying so hard to fight back saying SONIA- he is just not a Roger

    Jude- I like! Yes- I could see him as a Jude

    Or a-

    Let's vote again!! That was fun!

    Can't wait to see that boy in your arms!! Yay God!!!

  21. I really like Josiah too !

  22. Look at your little Roger man. :)
    You are hilarious woman--my mom has always told us no matter how stressful things get, "Never loose your sense of humor"--I think you are handling your stress just fine!

    As for the name Jude--I think I made it quite obvious (before you even asked)-how much I love the name . . .

    One word of wisdom for John --

    As you continue to add "J"s to your family, I can only imagine that it gets tougher and tougher to get one "J"s attention, or to make your brain single out a certain "J" name that you may be trying to bring to the forefront of your mind-- even as you try to gain that child's quick attention, so . . . what could be easier to remember than . . .


    Problem solved!

    Nuf said,

    Love you Sonia, praying for your move . . . your baby J . . . and for John to realize how simple this could really be if he would just say "okay honey, Jude is good".

    Blessings on your crazy days,


  23. Congratulations!!! He is adorable!
    My vote - Jude. ;)

  24. Yes, you weird, and yes, your boys are all handsome. Yes, you are definitely blessed, and yes, I vote for the name Jude or Judah. Congratulations!

  25. There is already so much cuteness going on at your house, how are you going to be able to stand it?!?!?! Praying travel comes soon, soon, soon!!

  26. Okay, the new pictures are ADORABLE!!! And your new little man is really a cutie! I love the name Jude, but when someone suggested Jay, I smiled. That was on our short list. I'm sure whatever name you choose will be just perfect!

  27. And no matter what you name him, I think the nickname "J." might stick!
    -Rachel (Who's techno-challenged and can't seem to post using her profile and this is why she doesn't have a blog of her own!)

  28. YAY Sonia!!!! I know his sweet face and have advocated for him for a long time! I will happily move your precious "J" to my "coming home" page on my site! Praise God! Oh and I LOVE the name Jude!!!!! Although "Jay" is cute too:):)

  29. Hey...email me if you would like to do some type of raffle or something..you can have any of our gear if it would help bring your 7th J home!! Or your 1st R if you are guilted into it by all the "Roger"s out there reading your mockery!!

  30. I still like Roger!!

  31. Ok. It is now Thursday, and you officially have me on the edge of my seat with this J name thing. I keep checking your blog to see if there is any word on this poor boy's name! ;)

    Alright, I am a *little* kidding. But just a little. (we don't have a name for our on the way child either, but I have some time! :)

  32. short time stalker here,

    Love the name Jude, and really you have 3 Ja's (Jason, Jack and Jacob) 2 Jo's (Jordan, Joseph) so don't leave Justin out give him a brother with a Ju, like him. Or am I just over thinking it for you?
    Anyway, the new J is just too cute, have you considered Jesse? Although I did like someones else s nomination for Jasper, but then you would have 4 Ja's, hee hee!!

    Love following your blog, hope you do a give way or chip in on the blog, as I am not on facebook.


  33. What a cutie! BTW I have been obsessively thinking of J names since you announced your adoption... Judah, Jonah, Joshua, Jonathan??? I love names anyway and since I can't name my future kiddos yet it's fun to think for you! I'm linking to my blog and also posting on my FB.