Friday, June 3, 2011

Paper Cuts.


You know how they say labor is painful and that as soon as you have that
newborn in your arms
you forget all about it?
I guess that's true.

But let me tell you....I'm in labor now
with a 7 year old
and my uterus is in China.
That was funny.
Or gross.
I'm not sure which.

there's no epidural....and I am a big, big, big believer in epidurals.
{cuz I'm weak like that}
and all those memories are coming back.
Someone give me the happy juice ~ stat.

Our home study is written and ready for submission to NBC.
Just had to be re-fingerprinted.
No bigs.
No bigs only there seems to be a disconnect between the law and the process. 
Our state and FBI prints that our state requires, are valid for two years.

We are well within the two year time frame.
But our home study agency is required to re-print all potential adoptive families as part of their vetting process.
Except "the system" does not allow you to do so.

So we have spent the last two weeks on the phone and on email with our local DHR office, the company in VA that runs these prints, their IT people(not kidding) and a couple hundred other people in between them.
It's been big fun.

We essentially have to be kicked out of their system in order to re-register for this adoption.
They didn't so much want to do this as they kept insisting that we were cleared and our prints are still valid.
Well yesterday that was finally figured out.
And then not two hours later I got a call that our forms were out-dated so we got a rejection notice.

Could anyone have noticed this a week or two ago?
I told you I need an epidural. 

Will someone puh-lease ring the anesthesiologist
and bring me better hospital food
these paper cuts are going to be intense.


  1. I feel your pain! We are NOT enjoying redoing ALL of the paperwork again and re-fingerprinting for clearances and also waiting to hear from USCIS to be refingerprinted there - all while out-processing! I know you're going through the same! Some of this is b/c things ran out, some is because AZ is just so cool that they won't transfer ANYTHING! We have to redo it all. And go to court to have our home study certified. Very cool.
    Sorry, venting on you post, didn't mean to do that. Big hugs! Hope you get those fingerprints done soon and perhaps get a little happy juice this weekend.... ;) A glass of wine is the advantage of adopting over pregnancy, right?!?

  2. You can do it!! I just wish I could help. I really think someone should be paying you and laying down a red carpet for anyone like you who has adopted and wants to do it again within a year. I mean really. There should be some kind of award for that, not more paper work!! Love you!

  3. the bureauctartic (excuse my language here) crap that goes on the intl adoption astounds me.
    saving a child here.

    hello? haven't gotten new hands with new prints since the last one.
    i will bang my head on the wall for you friend.

  4. Why am I laughing and crying all at the same time? Yikes, "the system" is absolutely frightening at times. Emily is right, no new hands, no new prints . . . same old bureaucratic . . . what she said.

    Praying for you friend . . .

    Lord, please move some mountains for this little "J" man, he needs to be rescued quickly. In Jesus mighty, mountain moving, name! Amen!

    xo ~ Tina

  5. papercuts STING so much. bleh!!!!!!!!

  6. And there are no good positions or breathing for this labor! Mississippi was supposed to have Livescan available a week ago, now it's going to be a month. So glad we didn't wait on that and submitted our fingerprints on paper. Now if only the FBI would hurry-up and process them! My labor's probably a bit easier than yours because I don't know "who" I'm laboring for yet. Praying for you friend!

  7. You could fund this adoption and number 8 through stand up comedy, ya know!!!

  8. govt sucks.

    How about the name Joshua.

  9. Does the left hand REALLY not know what the right hand is doing? Amazing.