Thursday, June 9, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Sonia Part Duh.

Part Duh. Instead of Deux. I crack myself up.
And it's late
and waaaayyy past my 8:30pm bedtime
so I may be getting punchy.
Don't judge me.
Yes I have the sleeping schedule of a 2 year old.
I said don't judge me.

  • I met a lovely lady at the hotel yesterday in line for breakfast that recognized me from the blog. This was a first for me. She's a fellow AF wife. She's sweet. They too are headed to their next assignment. I almost sat down with them to eat tonight. But then I decided that would be intrusive. And then she would think I was weird. And then she wouldn't read it anymore and she'd be sorry she recognized me. So I didn't. And I ate with my smelly posse of boys instead. Hi nice hotel lady! 
  • My 13 year old was standing next to me when this happened. He thought this was ridiculously cool and I even made his face-book status today when he told his friends. 
  • That's right. I'm cool in the 13-14 year old age division.
  • We are in the middle of what is the easiest & smoothest move we have had in 13 years. 
  • Granted not easy on the emotions but easy on the process nonetheless.
  • Jacob didn't ask to call his China Baba today. Or his China Babbage as my friend Jean said. Ha. China Babbage. Crackin me up. I love that.
  • I still have my friend Emily's tea that I picked up for her from Don & Susan in Guangzhou. I haven't mailed it yet. Is nearly 5 months still within the appropriate grace period for mailing tea?
  • You should know I have post office issues. 
  • Emily, obviously, was unaware of this. 
  • I heart our adoption agency. I feel so confident that they will rally behind us in getting this kiddo home quickly. If you need a great agency let me know, I've got a name for ya.
  • Whilst packing up some plastic fork and spoonware for our transition time I also remembered to throw a couple of pairs of chopsticks in the bag. I think this small act cemented my Mother of Asian Americans status. Or maybe it didn't. I dunno.
  • We are at a bit of a standstill with #7's name. Had I known 14 years ago that there were going to be 7 of them running around.....well.....let's just say this J issue would not have taken flight. 
  • This experience has left me it too late to change all of my children's names? 
  • My husband finished his program today. This.Is.A.Big.Day. We took what was going to be a challenging year and amped it up a notch or 12,000 with all that has transpired with our family in the last 12 months.
  • I am considering making a tee-shirt to wear around our new base that says something like, "Hello. I am Sonia. I'm a nice person. I'm new here and I don't know anyone. Will you please talk to me?" 
  • Does that sound desperate?
  • Pathetic? 
  • I dunno.
  • Did I mention I dislike the getting to know everyone phase of moving? 
  • No?
  • Ok.
  • I dislike the getting to know everyone phase of moving.  
  • I can't wait to show you little man's picture. 
  • Gracious how you can love some one from so far away that you haven't met continually amazes me. 
It's a new day.
Sonia out.


    1. :) you continue to crack me up...

      and i hear chinese tea tastes better as it ages on a certain person's counter;)

    2. OH Sonia!! I LOVE your posts! You always managed to make me smile and sometimes spit coffee on my coffee screen from laughing!
      Krista D

    3. You're so sweet. :) Congrats to your hubs on his big day! Can.not.wait to see your new little man! :)

    4. Thank you so much for the family update, Sonia style. My only wish was that you were moving closer to which case I could make you a whole lot of shirts! You are an amazing wife, mother, blogger and friend...I am so impressed with how you keep your cool and sense of humor!

    5. ANY woman who is going to be the mother of SEVEN sons must have a sense of humor. You qualify!!!!

    6. You can even come to my house and sit down and have dinner with me! I'm cool, umm wierd, like that too! I won't judge! According to my family I can make friends with a fence post! I don't think its a compliment. You need to watch the Duggers and get some name ideas! They don't seem to be running out of J names! Just saying.. And if I see you in your shirt in Ohio I will be your friend! Sheri

    7. Well, in China parents often change their children's names to try to improve their child's fortune, but personally, I like the Js. :) Lovin' the beauty-filled, joy-filled testimony you shine out from here!

    8. Hmmm.... Jonathon? Jonas? Joshua? lol. At least you didn't start with names like Zachery or Xander. ;) And I am completely with you about this whole getting connected in a new place thing. Can you make an extra t-shirt? lol.

    9. ok. i posted earlier today and it got lost. you already took my fav jordon. i had to look up your husbands name. drum rolllll... i am throwing into the ring... johnson... like john's son. laugh, cry, use it, loose it. thanks for the am laugh. it went well with the rain, crabby kids and headache. xoxo

    10. It's been a blessing to see your smile and enjoy our brief conversations the last couple of days. It's moments like these that make moving much more enjoyable. By the way, feel free to join us for a meal anytime!!

    11. As a retired Navy wife I remember the "being new phase" always hard. Have loved your blog, as we brought our 7 yr old home 1 month after you came home with your boys.

      Unable to use the agency we used last time, so I would love a recommendation.


    12. If only.
      If only I could have your sense of humor about moving.
      And starting over.

    13. I dislike the "getting to know you phase of moving" too. Too bad we're not moving near each other, then we could just be friends and get to know people together. If you order a shirt, let me know, I should get one too! :) LOL

      Good to be cool to your 13 year old. That's fun!

      You're just going to have to adopt a girl after this. You're about out of boy J names. Good luck with this adorable guy's name! We can't come up with 3rd name - and we only have one of each and no letter commitments! We do have HUGE extended families and so far haven't repeated the names. I'd rather not start now so that is a hindrance.

      Hugs and hope the move continues to go smoothly and that God is with all of your emotions!!! Hugs!

    14. I love your deep thoughts. But I don't know how you even have time to think with all that's going on, lol!

      And I am so sad that we never got together while you were still in AL! How far are you moving?