Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Giveaway! Woot-Woot


You know you want to look this good in a tee.

and help our precious JJ come home right?

Oh yeah baby.

The deets:
We are giving away one "Got Love" tee from Kelly over at the minus1project.
Your choice of size.
Your choice of color.

  • For every $10 you will gain one entry. 
  • For linking the giveaway on the Book of Face and/or your blog you get an entry. Just leave me a comment on this post letting me know you did so and I will throw your name in a hat....or a bowl.....or the bathroom sink.....or whatever entry collecting point I can find around here. 
  • And if you have already donated, no worries! I have you already entered! 
Thus no purchase is necessary. (Our lawyers said we had to say that.)
Just kidding.
I have no lawyers.
Although I do know one.
And I like her.
She's nice.
And she doesn't yell things like, "I object!" at the dinner table. 

But I digress.

Thank you for helping Joshua come home! 


  1. You are linked on my Book of Face! Here's to a successful fundraising campaign.

    Love, Lisa

  2. I am a friend of Lisa's, and I LOVE your blog! Your boys are gorgeous!

  3. I gotta get on that Book Of Face! ha!

    But, I will post and link up on my blog.

  4. Do I get five entries for my donation the other day??? Just saying I donated without knowing there was any loving attached. Just saying I really got love ya know!!

  5. You have been given props on my book of face! PS if I don't win I want to buy one!!

  6. Maybe you should hire out your boys to model adoption t-shirts? :) This one may end up on my blog.

  7. Okay- I'm in!!
    My size- xxxxs- ha, just kidding!

  8. hey-
    I am an idiot.
    actually just busy.
    a busy idiot!
    i have absolutely NO IDEA how to put your thingy on my blog.
    I have absolutely NO IDEA how to post anything on the side of my blog. See my blog and you will notice...Nothing there! on the side I mean.
    the joneses are chipping in for JJ
    and praying him home and following every entry.
    You are loved,