Saturday, June 25, 2011

Update on Joshua!


This just in from a family that was able to meet him:

Hi Sonia!

We were able to visit the orphanage yesterday and take pictures of your sweet boy!  We were taken to his classroom where he and about 7 other children were sitting around a table.  They were playing a game with one of the nannies.  She was holding toy animals and they were saying the names and sounds of the animals.  Then, she would cover the animals and take one away and the children had to figure out which animal was missing.  Your son is so handsome and smart.  He was joining in and answer the teacher.  He said hello to us and good bye (in English).  The director said that he now requires one hour of oxygen every day and wanted to make sure you have a way to provide that while you are here in China.

This is a new development for him.
I think he looks great.
So much better than I had anticipated.

This picture was taken in late April of 2010:

You can kinda see how blue his gums & lips are and how ashen he looks.

And this from 3 days ago:

His color looks.....well......better! The news that he is on oxygen was news to me......not surprised I guess as I had obviously anticipated that this would probably be the case eventually but nonetheless....its hard to comprehend that he is over there deteriorating and dealing with this alone and I am over here.....waiting.

Being the doctor mother I am, I'm thinking that the oxygen may be accounting for his improved color?{Not that blue is not a good color......but ya know......I vote for pink when it comes to your gums, lips, fingers and toes. I'm just sayin.}

Every single picture we have of him, his mouth is open. I think it's easier for him to intake more air this way.
Every single frame of video we have of him his mouth is open and he visibly struggles to take a deep breath every few moments.

Adoption will break your heart.
I know it's breaking mine.
But better that........than to not try and save his. 

I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you John 14:18


  1. I noticed the blue in the pictures when you posted them the first time, about broke my heart and I happen to agree pink is a much better color in this case! I pray everything gets expedited super duper fast!!!!

  2. Sonia, new pictures yeah! And someone checking on him with their own eyes, priceless. I am having similar travails of "mother bear" coming on and nowhere to go with it when your kid is halfway around the world.

  3. Hi Sonia--this is Lisa from

    You've touched my heart by bringing home beautiful Joshua. My husband and I adopted our son Daniel in 2010 and sadly lost him last Summer after his body couldn't recover from his heart surgery. He was two years old. We felt so blessed to have him, and we know he loved having a family before he went to Heaven. He lived his days to the fullest. We went back to China this year and brought home a little guy named Charlie and we are falling in love all over again. We will never forget our angel.

    We will pray for Joshua's safety and for your beautiful family. May God bless you.

    Lisa Murphy

  4. The wait absolutely without a doubt stinks!!!

  5. Sonia-
    Just getting back from Kamp and am loving your update on Joshua!!
    He's SOOOO handsome!!

    Have you even told us where he's at? What province? What orphanage?
    And from the post couldn't look bad if you tried!!!
    I'm also jealous of the palm trees. : )
    Much love,

  6. He is cute! Just how long will it take to be able to get him?

  7. Praying!!! For him. For your family. For God's amazing healing power. Hugs for you too. :)

  8. He is a handsome boy and his color looks so.much.better. I cannot wait to see that boy in the arms of his earthly daddy and on his way to his momma! :) I've got goosebumps...and it's 102 out. ;) Have a great day!!!!

  9. Love the new pic!!
    He is so handsome!

    Any other children in the pics with him?
    Just askin?
    I'll email ya later!

  10. I love this post. He is just precious. you are so brave and passionate. I'm loving watching this all come about. I hope you are settling in okay. God bless you all.

  11. Sonia-- would love to get in touch with you regarding Joshua. I brought home my Joseph in Nov 07 at 26 mos very very blue and desperate for surgery. I am researching starting a heart specific healing home in China for these kids that are so at risk....I pray I can chat with you and tell you my experience having a child in crisis while in China. Blessings- Kelly

  12. Praying for Joshua... so happy that you are meeting all these moms with resources!

  13. Continuing to pray for him and the family. :)

  14. First off, I missed this! I'm sorry I don't read blogs near as much as I used to.

    Second, he is a PRECIOUS! Blue lips and all!

    Third, DO TAKE Kelly up on her offer to help. I still have her cell #. She is an ANGEL, and helped me so much while we were in China with our VERY SICK little girl.

    Fourth, be ready b/c your little Joshua is clearly a fighter and he will show you that in many ways!!! Our little girl is TOUGH!

    Let me know if you need any help on securing oxygen in-flight coming home. I suggest United Airlines. They are most helpful and the only one who will provide it for you (the only American airlines let me clarify).

    In China, your agency/guide should be able to help. We got ours directly from the ambulance service. We did have to pay cash, so be prepared with some extra (more than you might normally take, though it was reasonable).

    Finally, consider driving home from the big airport you fly into if you need a connection flight in the US as we do. We didn't plan for this and had some issues, but an angle flight pilot came and literally rescued us in Chicago and brought us HOME.

    Will be PRAYING!!!!! And congrats on your newest son!!!


  15. An "Angel Flight" pilot. Sorry for the typos!

    Our connecting flight wouldn't allow O2 and DD couldn't be w/out for more than a few hours at a time. So ... hopefully your little man will be in better shape than our DD.

    We never got any updates ... so good to see they are taking such good care of him!!!