Friday, June 10, 2011

Move 2011

It is finished.

I am now left with the residual debris inevitably left behind.
8.2 million nerf darts.
Stale goldfish.
9 stray socks.
and filth.

I thought I kept a pretty clean house.
But ummm....
Despite the fact that I believe our landlord reads this blog
here is the proof that I was sadly waaay off base in regards to my cleaning capabilities:

No picture.
I'm not showing it to you.
I do need to maintain some sense of dignity.

You're right.
I shouldn't be so prideful.
Pride comes before a fall.
Here are the pictures:

Still no.
I'm  not doin it.
And you can't make me.
I choose the fall.

You'll just have to trust me.
It wasn't pretty.

We did have a great experience this go round I will say.
Like that box of chocolates, at 7 am when strangers ring your doorbell, you never know what your gonna get.
And unlike my good friends across the street that had to break up a near fist fight on the front lawn amongst their packers.......
no I'm not kidding....
both our packing and loading crews were schmantastic.
And this year none of the crew used the restroom with the door open   
WHILE talking to me. 
Still not kidding.

So off we soon go.
The palm trees are beckoning.
The waves are calling my name
and I am googling how to treat jellyfish stings.

Let the games begin.


  1. Oh my! You crack me up!!! The filth after it's all least favorite part. Knocks my mad cleanin' skills down to earth. ;)

  2. You don't know me.... yet! I've Emailed you already, but I can't seem to help leaving a comment here too! I'll be your Florida friend... you don't even have to ask! We have so much in common and looks like our list is growing, as I am bringing home 7 year old, Rachel, from China (with the same agency even!) with a severe congenital heart defect... You haven't even arrived in Florida... but I've already found you an incredible surgeon less than a few hours from Tampa. And since I live in the Jacksonville area... this will allow us to forge a friendship in the halls of a hospital while our two china "babies" have life-saving surgery for their little hearts--- For now I am believing and praying that they will BOTH be candidates!!! And since I was married to a Marine Corps pilot and have over 20 moves under my belt, you can know that you have someone in Florida praying for you as you move toward your new home!!! You can do this!!! Can't wait to "connect" with you after you get settled! blessings today, Lori McCary

  3. OH... I forgot two things!
    #1- Jellyfish stings- straight vinegar on the sting
    #2- LOVE the new photo of "un-named" child #7- I vote for JOSHUA! A man of God who had great faith and led His people into the Promise Land! Can't do too much better than that!

  4. Jellyfish stings? Either vinegar or pee...seriously! And you have enough boys that one of them will probably be happy to oblige!

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  6. At first, we thought Joel or Jonathan but oh yeah...Joshua. You have lots of choices left. THEN...we can start on the girl names..teehee.....Julia, Jenna, Josie, Joy, Joelle,...

  7. How sweet of God to send you to such a beautiful place and a friend who already has important contacts and is PRAYING for you!!! God is so good. And I still vote for Jamison!

  8. cute new header with all your boys. i love it. your post today just makes me smile. thanks for adding joy in my day! praying for you guys as you move! Wishing I could bring you dinner and have your kids play in my back yard with mine while you guys work. I would love that. Where in Florida? One of my new girl's foster sister was adopted to a family in vero beach, where we go every december. thinking of you all!

  9. I vote for a combined name since you are feeling over "J'd"--like John Michael. So it would be after daddy, after John in the Bible, and yet you can add in a name you love that you haven't been able to use because of the 'J' rule.

    Also, our son was a mess when we moved (adopted at age 6 from Vietnam), but once we moved, he had a new sense of security that we had never seen. He KNEW that he was always going to be with us--even though moves! It was awesome!

    I really enjoy your blog--I have 6 boys so love so many of the comments--like the nerf darts! LOL!


  10. Oh the moving stories!!! :) We're in the process of turning our downstairs bathroom into partial DITY headquarters - everything that is going in our 2 vehicles is going there. We haven't started storing the kids there, of course....yet... ;)
    Glad it's done. Not looking forward to the filth left here once the movers leave with our stuff. Just imagine if we didn't move every few years... ;)

  11. Just catching up after a busy couple of weeks to hear...number 7. Wow! You crazy crazy woman. I'm thrilled to hear the news and know that number 7 will be a wonderful blessing.
    We got into the letter trap, too. All our girls were Ms (including mama) and the boys were Js. Our newest was a girl but got an S name (the only S child) to match with Daddy's S. On the other hand, there's still more Js left to choose from, too. :P