Friday, June 24, 2011

Lessons I've Learned

in the week we've lived here.
  • I have got to figure out how rock a ponytail. It' here...and my hair is......ummmmm sweat-tay.
  • I like, like having these everywhere
  • Their beauty distracts from my sweaty, nasty, funkay ole head
  • I spend a lot of time in this recently missing my friends.
    • Wait.....let me get my bootie out of it so you can see how cute it is. {The chair that is.....not my bootie. I had four kids in five years.....there ain't nuttin cute bout the bootie.....let me assure you of that.} 
      • There. That's better. Isn't it cute? It was a going away present from my buds Lanette & Kristen.
      • I heart them. They are sweet, sweet people....even though Lanette doesn't drink coffee....which is typically a pre-requisite for friendship with me...I still like her....despite that glaring fault.
      • When you wear sunglasses sans sunscreen all the live long day you will burn every part of your face except your eyeballs and surrounding sockets. 

      • This will make you look funny.
      • Add funny face to your sweaty hair....and the result is not good. Trust. Me.
      • The boys have done more free activities on this base in the last week than they have done in the last 2 months. 
      • When you find yourself discouraged by your lack of trailer backing up abilities near midnight, don't be discouraged. This 
        may just be waiting for you when you check in from your dear friend Alisa. (Whose I-800A btw is also at USC1S with ours vying for attention. They are paper chasing for their sweet new baby!)
        • Because being given a basket full of yumminess {hello giant tub of cheeseballs!}by the lodging clerk will definitely take the edge off of your marathon day of moving and make you feel less like an idiot b/c of the trailer incident not so alone in a new state.
        • My hair does not like it here. 
        • I am considering getting rid of all summer clothes sans the swim trunks as these kids are submerged in water near 89% of the day and surely pajama bottoms can account for the remaining 11%. 
        • Ha. I just did math. 
        • I.Just.Did.Math.On.My.Blog. 
        • I don't like math.
        • I skipped 6th grade in school and I was supposed to do some math work that previous summer, but I did not. And no one cared. So I didn't. Thus when I showed up to 7th grade right out of 5th I was....well.....lost....which was.....well.....not good.
        • Thus math and I are not on good speaking terms.
        • It trys to thwart me.....I use a calculator and ignore it. 
        • That basically sums up our relationship.
        • Ha! SUMS up! I crack myself up.
        • Did I mention my hair does not like it here?
        • Mmmmkay. good. Just checkin.
        So that my friends is a comprehensive list of what I have learned Week 1.
        Hold your breath for week 2. Maybe I'll find a ponytail holder by then and learn the proper use of sunscreen.


          1. LOL!!! Yes, you definitely MUST have multiple ways of wearing your hair UP! And...I live with racoon eyes because I cannot stand to be without sunglasses! Welcome to the south sister!! You need to tell me where you are in Florida. We might be pretty close!! I would be THRILLED about that!!

            The good can now wear your flip flops ALL year long!! Whoo Hoo!!!

          2. YUP!!!! My hair sucked the ENTIRE 3 years we lived there too. Gotta get a rockin stylist to even come close to taming the FL do! But the palm trees and beach make it SOOOO worth it. get to blame the hair do on mother nature...not that you didn't have time or just didn't try- it is totally out of your control :)

          3. So funny!!

            Friends shouldn't let friends NOT drink coffee.

            That should be a tee-shirt.

            And the hair. Girl...a bale of hay has better texture than my hair in the Kansas humidity. It's just wrong.

            And don't get me started on math.

          4. you always make me laugh-- you REALLY need to get relocated here- no humidity. no bugs. we've got a pool. nuff said.

          5. Tee Hee!!!! This one had me laughing! And after reading the comments, I really want to live wherever Emily lives. Spill it, sister... where ARE you???

          6. Never mind, Emily, I checked out your blog, and it was as I expected! Which is why I'm VERY excited to be traveling there next week. AND why I remind my husband every year or so that it's the place I REALLY want to retire!! :)

          7. You also used the word "thwart"...way to use more Jane Austen in your posts. Happy moving to Florida week!!!!

          8. Yep! You will find out that with 6 and soon to be 7 kids, you need to buy sunscreen by the gallon around here!

            And definately make sure you are putting it on the younger ones or they'll end up looking like my 8yo DD did last night. She had a white T on her forehead and nose and the remainder of her face was bright red!

            Welcome to FL!

          9. I'll take the yucky hair (I have that anyway) if I could see palm trees everyday!!!!

          10. racoon eyes and pony tail holders with the GRIP is the way to roll. a few bobby pins (did i just say that) to add cute twists to the front and sides and you are the most adorable mama on base! target has goody slide proof pony holders. add a cute hat (walmart) and you can easy push 3 day hair to 5 day wonder.

          11. Okay friend, the comments are pretty funny . . . these girls are trying to give you a run for your money. Oops I rhymed.

            Yep, Florida hair looks good in November (when the humidity settles down--on occasion)--and that's about it for "good" hair in Florida. Not a "good hair" state . . . that's why God gave them palm trees instead. John Frieda hair products (at the BX!) do a pretty good job if you seriously need to tame it down.

            I'm really . . .

            really . . .

            afraid to make this next statement . . .


            my name is Tina and I DO NOT like coffee.

            Please, oh PRETTY PLEASE Sonia--still be my friend. Please?

            I promise to never, evar make fun of your Florida hair. Ever.

            Love you girl, thinking of you lots as you go through this time of transition.

            Tina ~ xo

          12. We've got to get together to drink coffee! You don't have prerequisites about how a person drinks it, right?
            Good luck with the hair! We were visiting Florida and my BIL's girlfriend posted pictures after - not pretty. Very sweaty and gross. Unfortunately, you could check them out on facebook.

            Hugs! Sorry you're missing your friends. I understand that completely though I'm too busy to spend a lot of time on it now, it will hit me big time once I get to AZ. Prayers for all that you're going through!

          13. New reader here. Love your blog!!! Welcome to Florida, wonder how close you are to me 'cause I'd LUV to drink coffee and talk adoption!!

          14. I love how you can make us all laugh whether your blog posts are profound or simply just fun. Ponytails are indeed the way of summer hair in Florida (summer meaning 9 months out of the year). It is simply not worth the time to do anything else for me. So think of the pony tail as your new time-saving device, adding hours to each week. Adding a cute clip to to the pony tail dresses it up a lil'. Just sayin.
            I would SO love it if our I-797 came at the same time as yours and we could be travel buddies.

          15. You're a hoot! I'm with Lori...there needs to be a t-shirt about friends and coffee..for sure. ;) At our garage sale the past two days...I rocked a pony tail in the KS humidity and my hair grew...and looked rather froish..(is that a word?). :) I'm with ya! :)