Monday, July 4, 2011

Behold the Cuteness

Happened upon a new toddler picture of Jacob today.

{That lil cutie with him desperately needs a family, if you want to be his miracle let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. He's such a sweet boy!}

Jacob asked at dinner last night if I had a picture of his mama.
He said he wanted to see her.

He wasn't upset at all when this happened.
In fact, he was happily picking every piece of flesh off of a chicken bone
when he just matter of factly put a bite in his mouth
looked at me
and asked me where she was.
As if this is normal dinner time foder for a 7 year old.
Almost like a "Hey mom, can you pass the potatoes and oh by the way do you know where the woman is that gave birth to me is and hey, what's for dessert?"


This is the 3rd time he has asked about her.
asked about where his China father is.

He asked to call his "foster" father/China Baba once in a fit......but never asked where he is.

I have my own theories about this
but what I don't have
is a good enough way to communicate with Jacob just yet an adequate explanation as to where she is. 

This language barrier sometimes bites.


  1. Precious boy! And, oh, I hear your heart! I have found it helpful to pray with my foster/adopted kids for their bio parents (if they are still alive). Even though they can't physically be with their birth parents, it gives them peace that they can ask an almighty God and He will be there for their parents - wherever they are.

  2. What a little cutie!! So heartbreaking to not be able to communicate fully with would be hard enough without the language barrier. So thankful we serve a God who mends broken hearts!!