Saturday, July 16, 2011

Remember When

Baby Beanies were so incredibly popular?
I didn't get in to that craze I must say.
I believe I was too busy lactating at that point in my life.


Many of the beanie lovers that treasured them and/or thought for sure their stash would be worth a fortune one day
have now found that they are in a box
in the attic
kicking it with the dust mites.

What to do
what to do
well who knew that those little bundles of cuteness would one day serve a greater purpose.

There is a virtual friend of mine that is adopting a girl from JJ's same orphanage.
And she is fundraising to bring her sweet daughter home quickly as she is also very sick with a heart issue.
A  donation of those tiny little beanies are helping her to reach Elisyn an ocean away.

I just had to jump in and join in her journey so take a look at what will be in the hands of Joshua in just a few short weeks when she travels to pick up her daughter!

Blog friends ~ meet Peanut.
Peanut ~ meet blog friends.

For $10 you can donate one of her collection to a kiddo at the orphanage, it will have a tag attached with a personal message from you.

We so happened to have a specific child that ours is headed to but anyone can send one!
If you want to browse the remaining critters just head on over to Hope For Elisyn and be a part of her journey home!

Who knew that all those years ago when these things were flying off of the shelves
that someday they would come out of storage
and into the arms of some beautiful children without a home.

Baby Beanies....
serving an adoptive purpose
who'da thunk it?


  1. That's such a great idea. I'm donating just for how creative it is!

  2. Cool fundraiser! Does she want more beanie babies?!? We have a box full from Brian's grandmother that I'd love to donate to a good cause!

  3. Now THAT is a fantastic idea! Gonna have to go over and check it out! :) I was just on her blog and saw, I think, a picture of your sweet boy! :)