Wednesday, July 6, 2011


I woke up at 7:44.
Jacob & Joey's summer school starts at 8.
We made it.
They may or may not have been tossed a quickly toasted-formerly frozen waffle for breakfast in the car.
But we made it.
And I can neither confirm nor deny the breakfast incident.

I'm waiting to hear whether Fed to Ex came through for me today.
They were supposed to have our documents at the courier by 8am.
Tracked it last wasn't looking good.
I can't bear to look yet today.
True story.
I can't look.
If everything comes together we will be DTC on Friday.
If not
we won't.
I did all I can possibly do to make this happen
and now I have to let go
and not look.

The twins have not yet left their pajamas today.
They may not at all.
It's kinda the day we are having.

Teens are on a mission trip this week.
So proud of them.
Miss them.
Having only 4 kids around feels....well.....weird.

Starting to settle in to the new place.
I can now confidently find the grocery store and stuff mart without the GPS.
Still feels odd though.
I feel like I am on vacation but unable to go home.
Miss our church
miss my friends
miss that settled feeling.

Starting to think about the logistics of Joshua's arrival here and subsequent treatment and what that will all look like.
Right now my plan looks like this:

I got nuthin.
I will figure it out.....eventually.
But my brain is.....well.....full right now.
Can your brain be full?
I dunno.

But I'm pretty sure with the incessant rambling I just did it has emptied slightly.
I hope.


  1. Thinking of you often. It will be okay and all will fall into the perfect place and order.

  2. Praying for peace as you await the fed to ex delivery. Also praying for the logistics of
    Joshua's arrival and medical care once he's home.

  3. We are on the same timeline- we deal with things as they... well, need to be dealt with and not a moment sooner.

    Life is busy but somehow things get done!

    Praying you are DTC'd on Friday AND that we're right behind you!

  4. Yes, yes, yes your brain can be full! ;). I have that overload feeling quite regularly, lol!

  5. I have felt like my brain has been full ever since we started this adoption process. :o) But, it's a good full isn't it...most of the time at least. :o) Praying for you!