Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I have had some spotty internet the last few days
no blog
no Book of Face
barely any email
It's where I'm at.

I feel shaky.
I bolt upright in bed in the middle of the night shouting things like
Get me batteries for the mouse.....STAT!

It's not pretty folks.
To make matters worse.....
we got new pics' of our little man yesterday
and I couldn't share them with you.
I know.
I know.
The sheer travesty of it all.

Let's ammend that situation shall we?
Yes I think we shall.

May I proudly present Joshua, our Joshua & Elisyn.
All very sick heart kiddos.
All waiting for their families.
All being sustained by the grace of God until we can get there.

Funnily enough this is kinda what our own 3 Asian sensations will look like.
Joey is about the size of Elisyn.
Jacob the size of Joshua P
and Joshua
the size of Joshua.

Though Jacob will be 3 months older than Joshua
and Joshua only
4 months older than Joey
this is what our youngest trio will resemble.
.....minus the pigtails.......
we don't so much do pigtails around here.

Joshua thought that was funny.

Heres' what Andrea, the mom that is there now had to say about our kiddo.

"Hi Sonia!

We returned from the orphanage a while ago, and I was able to see your sweet son! He is a handsome, joyful, polite, and playful little boy! He loved his presents, as you will see in the photos!
I took video of him for you, but unfortunately I can't seem to upload video onto my computer here so you will have to wait until I return to the States on the 29th before I can send it to you.
He is a good height. I took a photo of him next to my eleven year old daughter so that you can compare. She is petitie, and wears size 8 clothing.

He is definitely cyanotic. His lips are blue, and his nailbeds (both fingernails and toenails), are blue and there is noticeable clubbing. However, he was active and very alert. I asked about the oxygen, and they brought in the orphanage doctor to talk with me. She said that he was complaining of stomach discomfort. He was examined by a pediatrician who thought that he might be having digestion issues because of the lack of oxygen. So they started him on the therapy for an hour a day and apparently it is helping. She also said that they give the heart kids oxygen during the hot summer months to help them manage the additional stress that the heat brings.

The orphanage is top notch. It's the fourth I've visited in China, and I was very impressed. They truly seem to love these kids, and there was so much warmth. I feel that our children are blessed, under their circumstances, to be in this particular institution."

This adoption is like a puzzle.
A little bit of information here.
A little bit of information there.
And all we can do is try to put it together the best we can.

The stomach/digestion info is interesting.
His referral file makes mention of the fact that he has been hospitalized before with digestive track bleeding.
But that's all I know.
It's like being handed a puzzle piece and having no idea what to do with it.

So that's where we are at.
Day 12 of the wait for LOA
and wishing I was better at puzzles.


  1. Puzzle pieces can be frustrating I know. But it is wonderful to hold on to that piece and dream of the beautiful picture it will soon be a part of. I know it must be tough. I am so blessed to know you and your family. You inspire me to take more time with the puzzle pieces I have been given over the years start making my own Masterpiece from God. Love you!

  2. So love this post, Sonia. And so glad to know that you, of all people, know the Puzzle-Maker well enough to know that the pieces will indeed fall together in the right places at the right times. I pray that He will show you the right way and the right time to tell the boys about their new brother...and their reaction may just surprise you. Lilly's surprised me, that's for sure. " else can go adopt her." and then she quickly shifted gears when I explained that this little girl was already 4 and no one had adopted her yet and she didn't have a mommy yet: "Oh, ok. Let's go get her. And I'll share my room. And my toys. She can sleep with me in my room, Mommy."

    However it plays it, it will be good.

    So glad you don't have to do jet lag again. Hospital lag is enough lag! Praying for speedy LOA. We are still waiting for I-797...

  3. Will continue praying for your Joshua!!! Hugs!

  4. Hi Sonia, so praying that your LOA will come very soon. I know you must be happy to hear that he is being well taken care of until you reach him and I have no doubt that you will reach him!

    I do so enjoy your blog, I love the way you write, it's funny and serious all in one. Thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  5. You and your family will be more than fine because you know the Ultimate in puzzle piece connecting!!

  6. Hey girl...trying to catch up. What a blessing to get these photos and updates!! This waiting game of adoption is SO stressful! I'm ready to get off the ride, myself!!!

    It's Jennifer (baseballs to bows). I have not been able to loggin to your blog for a long time. Have no idea what that's about!!! UGH!!

  7. I can so relate, that's how we felt when we got the girls...UHHHHHH?????
    I still do.
    there are still so many questions.
    I think you are so amazing and brave to go forward.
    so he's taller then your other 2? wow.
    praying and praying,

  8. Was wondering where you were yesterday? Guess you didn't completely fall off the face of the earth. :) I was worried because I knew if I got that picture, so did you. How cool that she saw all three kids together. AND that we have all communicated this side of the world already. Hopefully, once Joshua is in your arms, those puzzle pieces will come together and give you His Perfect Peace.

  9. Prayers for Joshua. Can't wait for him to be HOME!

  10. I laughed out loud when you said, "Joshua thinks it funny!" with the sweet pic of him laughing. You are too funny. We are continuing to pray and hanging on to the hope we have in God that you will get orders... I mean your travel dates soon!