Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Thoughts on Teenagers

They are incredible people.
It's as though you get to witness how all those years of sleepless nights, and constant care taking and training  begin to bear fruit!


Jason and Jordan are both on a mission trip this week and the following is what was posted on our church's blog yesterday:

My God Moment

Today I served at a homeless shelter. As soon as we walked in, I had one of those “God moments.” All the employees were so helpful to the residents. They were very open to what the residents’ problems were, and they would do their best to help them.
Another “God-moment” I had was when we were serving food. I had so much fun helping the people who were less fortunate. Everyone in the cafeteria was so helpful to one another. It was like Jesus was in the room.


Oh how I love that boy.

I haven't seen a post from Jordan yet......though there is one that was written anonymously.
It was about food.
I think it was written by him.
I'm just sayin.


  1. Yeah...teens are great. I think society tends to give them a bad rap, but they are sooo capable of doing amazing things. Your teens are a great example!

  2. I love wonderful teen stories. We're enjoying the teen years, so far, as well. Of course, I only have one teen and one almost teen, but they are incredible!

  3. Those babies are growing into some sweet blessed adults with beautiful hearts! That can only come from a beautiful family!!!

  4. What a beautiful heart your boy has! :)

  5. What a wonderful heart to see those precious God moments and be willing to share. Praying for your baby boy in China.