Friday, July 15, 2011

What They Don't Tell You....

when you decide to adopt.

1. Karate class must be built into your new monthly budget.

2. Karate teacher will begin to salivate with anticipation as he watches his new pupils warming up on the side. They got skillz.

3. Aforementioned karate teacher will be slighly disappointed when he finds out they are Chinese.....not Korean. Karate teacher is fluent in Korean karate speak and was looking forward to having someone to converse with.

4. You briefly consider adopting a child from Korea to appease said karate teacher.
5. You decide that is definitly not a reason to adopt.
6. Jet lag is evil.
7. We have already covered how evil jet lag really is.
8. If you want to know more about how aforementioned evil jet lag is consult any and all blog posts of mine around the end of January/beginning of February.

9. Caution: I was beyond coherency at that point.
10. When you are preparing to send your husband and son on a plane to pick up your new son you will be slightly jealous as you browse through old photographs of your time there a few months ago.
11. It makes you want to get on a plane and go with him.
12. But then you remember the jet lag.
13. And the jealously runs screaming in the other direction. And you remember how important it is that one of you be coherent for the journey that lies ahead of you when he comes home.
14. Your new 7 year olds have many toddler behaviors.
15. This will intrigue you.
16. But the speed at which they surpass these behaviors and settle in will positively astound you.
17. Jet lag is evil.
18. You will love your new kiddos more than you ever thought possible and you will be forever grateful that He called you across an ocean to find the perfect children for your family amongst the vast sea of orphans that wait.
18. Putting two #18's on a list whilst making a list will throw your readers off a bit.
18. Putting three #18's on a list while making a list will make them wonder if you have any list making abilities at all.
18. And then after using 3 #18's for no apparent reason, using 4 #18's just seems fun.
19. When you are standing at the playground in Guangzhou behind Lucy's talking to Sally and she asks you who you are going to be coming back for and you assure her that the answer is no one, that you are done growing your know not of which you speak because 6 months later you may be there again adopting your 7th son.
20. Your heart will forever be broken for those left behind.

Things they don't tell you.
It's quite a list.


  1. Definitely quite a list - especially with 3 extra 18s. :) Definitely not looking forward to the jet lag. Yet at the same time I want it to be here so much!!!
    Hugs and praying Joshua home soon!!!

  2. I'm so afraid......

    of the jet lag.

    Love the karate story.

  3. The jet lag is really the worst, but somehow you get through it.

    #20 is SO TRUE.

  4. Amen to the jet lag part and #20. Great post!!!

  5. #20 is definitely true! We've learned to never say never. :-) And the jet lag is true too. Horrible.

  6. #6 and #20--I'm right there with ya.

  7. No manuel when adopting- there needs to be one! We have 6 in karate and soon it may be 8 (yikes) The cuteness factor makes it worth it... that and automatic withdrawl- so I don't have to look at the monthly bill!!

    I hate going to China. I hate jet lag. I hate being in China and then once I'm home I want to go back to China... go figure??

  8. aahhh...yes it is quite a list!

  9. Sonia, you are so right about that list and SO funny!! For us, it is 5 playing soccer but we really want to get the girls into Karate. Don't ask me why, cause they have learned all they need to know about kicking and punching and defending yourself from having 3 big brothers! LOL!! Hubby seems to think it is a good idea, of course hubby thinks that locking them away from any and all boys until they are 30 years old, would be a good thing too:) Hehe!

  10. But I did tell ya!!!! In China, doesn't that still count???