Saturday, July 23, 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To China With Oxygen We Go.

This is Joshua.

This is Joshua's current O2 saturation:

When we recieved that information from the orphanage about a month ago I nearly had to pick myself up off the floor.
I had no idea that 65% continuously was even capable of sustaining life.
But indeed
it can.

Can I go ahead and admit something to you,
My knowledge of oxygen hovers somewhere around the fact that
I know we inhale it
and that the symbol on the periodic table for it is O2.
Thank you middle school science. 

And that folks
is about all I got.
I know.
That's me.

So when we found out we were going to need to travel wit it
I set out to figure out how exactly that was going to go down.....or.....errrr....up.

Oxygen in flight?
No prob.
Reserve it a couple of weeks before the flight and we are good to go.

Oxygen on the ground?
Turns out you can't bring a traditional portable oxygen container on board an airline.
Go ahead and say, "duh Sonia".
I can take it.
I live with teenagers.
You can say duh to me
it won't hurt my feelings.

But alas
there is this

a portable oxygen concentrator.
FAA approved.
Nice to meet you.
We are going to be good, good friends.

And we rejoice.
And feel knowledgeable
and feel less like an uninformed dork.

To buy: $4,000- $5,000
To rent: $230/week.

I choose rent!

Now if I can just manage to have this....rather pricey..... machine not meet the same fate as my curling iron last time we were over there we will be in good shape.

I'm off to read up on voltage conversion and wattage and other such electrical fun now.
Man, I bee gettin smarder bi tha dayy.


  1. You crack me up! I didn't know any of that either! :)

  2. Ima nurse and I dunno nuttin eder!

    I think renting is a good idea!!

    Just wondering? Does it last a whole week? Or how many total hours? how do you refill it? Do you have to bring 2?

    Such a great idea to bring O2 with you! How about a wheelchair? I don't think he can walk much- too exhausting. He does not look like he's gonna fit in a stroller- he's tall!!

    I love how you are problem solving- you are a wonderful Momma!! and very funny, too!!

  3. It certainly is a learning experience, isn't it?? You are doing just fine:) Looks like Joshua is too!!

  4. I have several comments.

    One. Those suckers can be HEAVY. Or at least the ones I've had the opportunity to move around. I'd say, backpack (with a hole cut in it to fish the O2 line through). I think most are supposed to be upright. Foam or a rolled towel to "stuff" the backpack might work if needed. Then you/DH can wear it if not using the stroller or it can hang from the stroller.

    Two. Extension line for the O2. I'd recommend a couple. And make sure you have a few of the connector things (for some unknown and illogical to me reason, the extension line does not come with anything to connect it to the "main" line, so unless you have the connector thing, the extra line is useless). This is helpful if you/someone else is carrying the O2 or if it is sitting somewhere (stroller) and he wants to be just a little bit away (i.e. longer tether, very useful, particularly when doing things like going to the bathroom, even in your hotel/apartment).

    Three. I know you've said he is only on it 1 hour a day. Particularly with his O2 being at 65%, why isn't he on it all of the time? Particularly at night. Cost? I understand why he would need more after meals (since your blood concentrates itself in your gut so you can digest), but I don't quite get why he isn't on it all of the time. Do you have doctors here for him already? Would/do they suggest you have him on it all of the time? At how many liters? How are his lungs? (Mainly does he have CO2 retention issues? As seen in things like COPD. This changes things (for most people if you give more liters of O2, it helps raise the O2 in your blood, if you retain CO2 in your lungs, if you give too much O2 it causes a further raise of CO2 and then you wind up with less O2 in your blood. Now they still give COPD pts. supplemental O2, you just have to be more careful about it and how much you are giving them).

  5. read careful my friend.
    we read and reread and rereread.
    while in nanchang we could not get the nebulizer to work. EVERYONE in the hotel tried...
    serious failure to launch here.
    happy researching!

  6. Wow, I had no!again!

    Hey, Miss Sonia, how can I connect with you on Book of Face??? I mean, I know how to friend request...he-he....but, I want to friend request you and I need your last name. :)

  7. Oh Sonia!! Those blue lips just break my heart!!! I am a dummy too when it comes to anything having to do with science! Cannot wait to see sweet that sweet child come home!

  8. its amazing how much we learn when it is about our kids.. thanks for paving theway for others- praying for your new knowledge to "stick" .. and for a speedy travel.. and of course no voltage mishaps ;o)
    jill s

  9. new here. we are also af. we have previously enrolled our children in deers before traveling. could you do that and have tricare pay for the concentrator? congrats! he is precious!