Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So Skinny.

So very

As I have been pouring over his new photos the last few hours I kept coming back to just how skinny he is. 

Check out those arms.


Joey is a heart baby too.
He's little.
He always has been.
He's 7 1/2
and he wears 3T shorts.

This is totally normal for these kids.
If your heart isn't functioning properly the first thing your body will typically do is retard growth.
Growth is not it's first priority
life is.

But Joshua is

He's tall.
Almost 4'3".
to be exact.

He's also 7 1/2 .
And it's like having Joey's tiny little frame
stretched another foot and a half in height.

I will say if you take a look at the other sweet arms that are helping him open his presents
that they too look skinny.
He just happens to tower over them with his height.
See that cutie in the foreground?
He's 7 too.
If that gives you any indication of how above average in height JJ really is.

Provincial genetics?
Lack of adequate nutrition?
I'm just used to seeing American kids raised on french fries and grilled cheese?

A combination of these and a lot of other factors?

But man I can't wait to be the one caring for him to figure it out.
Day 4 of wait for LOA.


  1. Is he standing on something. The table his gift is on looks a little higher than the table beside it.

  2. Ivy looked the same way, so skinny. Look at this pic of her playing with her markers/doll http://somewhereinvirginia.blogspot.com/2010/02/tuesday.html

    I know with time, medical care, and lots of food and love, he'll look so much healthier!

  3. Yep. Our daughter will be 7 next week and still hasn't hit 30 pounds. We'll never know if it's the genetics or health issues...but no doubt...you bring that precious boy home and he will keep up eating right along with his brothers!!

  4. I can't believe how tiny those little arms are! Here's to hoping you get him home soon.

  5. Know the tiny well. Home 2 1/2 years and Bryson at 7 1/2 and can still wear his 24 month swimsuit!

    We slip cream, butter and oil in everything we can. He gets an extra slap of peanut butter on his sandwiches as does Gio who still needs to gain weight as well.

    Can't wait to see your boy healthy and well in your fun family!

  6. Praying your LOA comes quickly!

  7. What a handsome little dude!!
    Praying your LOA and all the other letters come quickly!!

  8. I don't know if you follow Rumor Queen, but there has been a lot of grumbling from those reusing their dossiers.  I don't want you to have the same problem so I'm sharing what a reusing mom posted in the hopes that it can help you to get to China quicker.  She did all that she was supposed to...DTC in March, I think, but the CCAA recently gave her a new LID in JUNE so she effectively lost 53 days with her dossier just sitting there doing nothing.  She's trying to get the word out that you need to send in your own copies of your old dossier because even though they paid for the CCAA to copy it they did not. She says, 
    "If you are reusing your dossier and have not sent in copies of your old dossier then you need to do it

    Seriously, NOW.

    Because guess what the big joke is at CCAA... they do not have anyone making copies!  No one.  Nobody is assigned to that job.  No one.  If you are waiting for them to make copies then you are going to need to keep on waiting because your file is currently under a giant stack of dossiers that is getting taller daily.  NO ONE IS MAKING COPIES!  No one is even touching your dossier."

  9. Nope, one really is tall and one really is small. The little guy on the left is not even on the China height charts and your Joshua is probably off the charts. The pediatric cardiologist's office was telling me today that many of these heart kids are basically failure to thrive kids because of their heart issues and nutrition is often an issue. That put things into perspective for me. Praying for that LOA to fly.

  10. Wow...his arms are itty bitty! Praying you get to him soon with NO delays! :)