Thursday, July 14, 2011

What They Know

is that there is a little boy in China that is our "friend."
And his name is Joshua.

His picture is the screen saver on our computer
Joshua sends us pictures and drawings in the mail
We pray for Joshua who has a specially made heart.

What they don't know
is that
is going to be their brother.

We have held off telling Jacob and Joey about his adoption just yet.
Whether that's the right thing
or the wrong thing
I know not.

And if we are being honest
which we are.....
I do worry about how this will all go down.

Jacob and Joey came to us as a unit.
Two distinct people that have spent essentially their whole lives together.
And to add Joshua into that mix smack dab in the middle of them
does cause me some sleepless nights and massive ice cream eating.
Will they accept him?
Will they {quite frankly} be nice to him?
Will they feel a bit put out since they are still so new?


But what I do know is that this boy is our son.
As are they.
As are they all.
And to trust in that is where I chose to hang my hat at the end of the day.
(If I actually wore hats that is. Some people look cute in hats. I am not one of them)
But I digress.....

On the flip side,
I gotta tell you
I'm ex-cited.
Supah excited.
I think it will be such an interesting and amazing thing to watch this dynamic play out.
Amongst other things I can't wait to watch Jacob and Joey
who have pretty much abandoned all Mandarin speaking
pick it back up again and converse with Joshua.

And it has been a long
looonnnggg time
since we had only one new addition.
One kid?
I don't know how to have just one.
I may feed him double portions
and lay out two sets of clothes for him everyday
just out of habit.
{Crazy American mom wants me to wear two pairs of socks everyday}

I found some Ch*nese cartoons on Tube You the other day.
Where the heck have I been the last 5 months?
You haven't lived until you've watched Dora sing her backpack song in Mandarin. 
It's been a really fun way for them to retain their language
even if they chose not to speak it
at least they are hearing it.

So that's the what's what on where we are at.
We will tell them soon I'm sure
as the other option would be to put them in the car one day
drive to the airport
and then shout
"Surprise! Here's your new brother!"
Not our current plan.

Go now.
Go watch Dora doing her thing in Mandarin.
We'll all get together for a sing along one day.

Father to the fatherless, defender of widows — this is God, whose dwelling is holy. God places the lonely in families.Psalms 68:5-6


  1. I'm behind on my blog readings but am super crazy excited for your family and your newest son! I will be praying that the process moves quickly and for God's hand of protection and healing on Joshua!

  2. Sister...I need a link to those Mandarin Dora youtube videos...that sounds awesome. Oh, and with you as their Mom, Jacob & Joey are going to handle this just fine.

  3. It'll all come together like it's supposed to! :) So, so, so excited for you!!! We have our first Home Study visit in a couple of weeks and you were about the pee thing....I'm just waiting for that question! They will know more about us than we do by the time it's over, but it's SOOOO worth it! :) Have a great day!

  4. God will work out all the details. Ask Him to prepare their hearts to accept their new brother.

  5. So fun to wonder, isn't it?? You know--you make me want to do this ALL OVAH AGAIN!!! Keep us posted on your plan of attack (We know you will:)

  6. Concerning getting Joshua, I learned this week that there are 27 (!!!!!) different grant organizations WANTING to give money away to adoptive families. Check out:
    I know it is going to make a huge difference for us =).

  7. Jacob and Joey aren't speaking any Mandarin anymore!?! Wow! That is amazing. They are just so smart. As far as the Dave Ramsey connection for the grants, let me know. Tom knows him well since he has led Financial Peace at our church for eight or nine years now. I am getting so excited for you!
    P.S. Would you do a simple "what-the-adoption-abbreviations-stand-for" blog for those of us who've never walked in your shoes, please.

  8. Girl you are crazy.
    Thanks for the Dora tip...only at our house that would be a fit trigger for our littlest lady who is so super jealous that she's never spoken mandarin, I'm sure she would fold her arms and pout. I'll have to bring it out one day when she's....I don't know. There will be no greater joy then watching your three little guys enjoying each other. My favorite comment so far has got to be..."what cute little girls, are them three twin?". Um wait a minute,,,,, are you serious?3- twins 3- twins....?