Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here We Go Again

It's time.
It's time to start littering the bedroom floor with all that will need to be packed.
Ahhhhh brings back memories of this only 6 short months ago

and this

and who can forget bathtime monkey scrubber that darn near flew over attached to my head as a hair accessory because it wouldn't fit in the suitcase.

You guys told me then...
a lot of you told me then....
that I overpacked.
And I
I didn't listen.

This time round
I learned.
Ok actually I learned nothing.
I would seriously still bring everything with me....I am just that ridiculous.
But this time it's just John and Jordan and maybe Jason.
Half the people.
Half the stuff.

So in my need for control quest for organization
I am about to start putting JJ's outfits in gallon size ziplock bags.
1 for each day
for half the trip.
Laundry will get done halfway through.
Because, let's just get real here...
nothing will drive me more crazy than seeing that sweet boys face through skype each night and notice that he is not color coordinated.


Don't judge me.
I don't have girls.
Outfits is all I got.

And seeing as how I had massive wardrobe fail with Jacob and Joey's adoption since they were about half the size I expected them to be
I am bent on clothing redemption this time.

My friend Alisa {who just today received her I-797C approval! Holla!} and I are going to do some jammie shopping this weekend for our kiddos.
I'm thinkin this sweet boy of ours will be hanging out in jammies for quite awhile once he gets home
and we all know some Buzz Lightyear jammies beats the heck out of a hospital gown any day.

I am both excited about the new jammies
and spending an afternoon with her.
She and my new friend Julee,
who doesn't have a blog by the way...
...she doesn't drink coffee AND she doesn't have a blog...
it's a wonder I enjoy her company,
made my birthday so special yesterday.

A little base bowling alley
Alotta cake
some sweet gifts
and a whole bunch of kids
and a great birthday it shall be.

I gotta go buy some more ziplocks...
stop it
I can see your eyes rolling from way over here.


  1. I think base life has it's advantages.... you got a birthday party from people you just met, these are some sweet peeps... yea, get that girl a blog and pour her a coffee, if she doesn't drink her then help her out and drink it for her! What are friends for!

    Is that seriously what you packed last time, earlier this year? WOW, can you make a list for me..... I'm an overpacker and should be setting aside some things right now but am paralyzed by the I797 wait.... we wait, and we wait,
    how long did your friend wait?
    You're amazing!

  2. I loved the packing pictures from your last trip! I have girls....and now 2 boys (WOOT!)...and I highly dislike seeing them not matching! AAAHHH! So yeah, I totally got ya on the ziplock bag thing! :)

  3. Zip locks baggies are my best friend... never thought of using them to separate the clothes though..... hmmmm great idea. I think we have more in common than I realized. :) I love to be in control.... I mean being organized.

  4. you are a girl after my own heat! Love the ziplock bags, love that you don't want to see your sweet boy in mixed match clothes. I really did laugh out loud when I read that.

    Hope you had a good birthday

  5. I meant to comment earlier but you know... life got in the way!

    YES - use those baggies!! Hubby won't have a clue what top goes with which bottoms!

    We do the "throw in the corner" method too! It works wonders UNLESS you have Anna that takes out the water winds right before you leave!

    But- we problem solved and all was well!!

    I am so crazy excited about your sweet boy!! Only God could have done this!