Saturday, July 2, 2011

Break Out the Pickles & Ice Cream.....

We got our I-800A approval yesterday!

14 days from the day it landed at the lockbox to approval.
48 hours at NBC itself.

If adoption is typically the slow boat to China
then I think we have boarded some type of rocket ship to get there instead.

I have no idea about timeline but I have a feeling things are bout to get a lil' bit interesting up in here. 

Once we can get our new immigration approval,
updated home study
and new application letter on a jet plane headed east
it will join our already translated & reviewed dossier that is sitting on a shelf somewhere.

I don't know much
but one would think that our LOA for JJ won't be too far behind that considering our dossier has already had the once over from the good folks at Bay to the Jing from our last adoption all of 5 months ago.
But one could be wrong.
So one will wait and pray that it will indeed come quickly.

Passports current.
Visa's current.
Fingerprints current.
Un-ending love for a little boy an ocean away: current.


  1. ok-- we were able to get LOA within days for Ben and TA 1 week later (granted this was before article 5 and crap)- has your agency contacted the bay to the jing folks to expedite your case based on his health- they did for us b/c we didn't know if Ben would survive- he was given 4 weeks- and we were there in 3. they WILL expedite in emergency cases-- make sure your agency-- and yours is a big one-- fights for you!

  2. HAHA - just read this - disregard portions of my email - so excited for your family!

  3. Indeed Emily our agency R.O.C.K.S. They are the reason that we received approval so quickly thus far and I know they are going to do everything they can to help us! JJ will be expedited the whole way's just a matter of how quickly that will be with each step. Someday I need to hear Ben's whole story!

  4. God's incredible answers to prayer CURRENT! Can't wait to see how He works it all out for you!

  5. God is so good and he is the Father if the fatherless. He will bring your baby home in due time. Love the Bay to the Jig thing!:) Congratulations and praying everything else continues to move smoothly and quickly!

  6. That ROCKS!!! Mountains are a movin'!!! :)

  7. Wondeful news! Glory to Him indeed!!

  8. Congratulations!!!! We just sent our i800a! Praying the other steps go super quick!

  9. Congratulations!!!! I-800A approvals are in the air...I have read many blogs in the past 2 days that have received theirs, too! How fantastic!

  10. Congratulations! USCIS comes through when they need to. Glad you are one giant step closer.