Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on Joshua ~ Official Deets

A post that I wrote awhile ago is being featured today on We are Grafted In. 

I read it there this morning and it struck me yet again how quickly these kids settle in.
We are light years ahead of where we were then.....and it was written only a month or so ago.
These kids ahhhhmaze me. 

In other news,
we sent Joshua a care package introducing him to his testosterone filled family.
I sincerely hope the kid hasn't longed for a sister his whole life
cuz he will be severely

A sidebar:
I thought I was cool.
and hip.
and jiggy with a variety of things.
But did you know that saying/typing/texting "LOL" isn't cool anymore?
Me neither.
But apparently
tis true.
I was informed of this by my 13 year old the other day.
When I {gasp} used it in a text.
I severely damaged my cool quotient.

But I digress......

We used Gifts to China with Love to contact JJ
is fantastic.

We sent him some "Lolos"
Still makes me laugh.
LOL ~ whoops. 
They are the Chinese version of Lego's.
Also a puzzle, some crayons, a coloring book, lollipops, a disposable camera, a letter, family photos, some cute summer PJ's and a cozy blanket.
Within about 24 hours we received the following from his orphanage:

chest c胸围62cm,
head C胸围53cm,
feet length脚长21cm

The current level of knowledge: learning ability in class, in the mid to upper level. He  can understand all the teacher's instructions. He  knows  400  Chinese words, can write 100 Chinese characters, can write his own names.He can  read 150 words 's text. He can count from 1 to the number 100, will be calculated within one hundred simple addition and subtraction formula, He understand the hours of the time and the Chinese Cash note.

Social skills: good. He can live in harmony with friends , cooperative play, sharing toys. He knows to use the polite language, such as thank you, goodbye, hello.

Motor development: As the body's reasons, he cannot do strenuous exercise. He has some light exercise. Current daily oxygen for one hour.

Adaptability: good. he has his own friends, he is easygoing, very cheerful, lively. He likes to talking with people.

Living conditions: he has self-care ability, he can independently take on and off his own clothes , he helps to  wipe the table, make the bed and fold his clothes, can help change the sheets and duvet covers.

Hobbies: He likes to watch cartoons, painting, Altman and other cartoon characters. He can sing a lot of songs.(sing, "shade", "Chong Erfei" "Malan Ballad", "Journey to the West", etc.). he loves  to do  hand works, his modeling clay is great.

Habits: 6:00 wake up 7:00 breakfast, 8:00 to school, 9:30 am snack of milk, 11:00 lunch,11:30-13: 30 nap, 14:30 pm snack (fruit or cake ), 17:00 dinner, eat meat dishes, especially fond of fried dishes with soy sauce, a bottle of yogurt before going to bed 20:00. He sleeps soundly. He can go to the bathroom by himself.

So he's nearing 4'3" and about 48 pounds.
He's tall and weighs about Jacob and Joey's combined weight.
And do note that he is "especially fond of fried dishes"
Ahhhhhh, I love this child. He and I are going to be tight.
Fried dishes and Jesus.
Two of my favorite things.

Today marks two weeks since our I-800A arrived at the dreaded
When it gets parolled from there.....nobody knows.

But if we can get it out of there we will be well on our way to meeting our 7th son.
LOL......errrrr never mind.


  1. Wow! That is an incredible update. Did you ask those questions or did all that info just come? I thought he was pretty tall. Guess you won't be carrying him around on your shoulders. LOL funny.

  2. A 4'3" 48 lb. 7 year old? With a severe heart condition? Wow! He must be from that basketball player's (Yao Ming) family! Praying for the One who holds the keys of hell to open that lockbox. LOL (sorry, my daughter told me the same think Jordan told you. Did he say what we were supposed to use in its place?????

  3. Very cool update! Me thinks you need yourself a little of these day.... ;)

  4. What a wonderful update! Sounds like He's been watching over your J! Continuing to pray for him as he awaits your hubby's arrival.
    Also praying that the I-800A is paroled soon!

    Oh, I too am curious to see what we're supposed to use in place of LOL. :-)

  5. just now read a proverb and thought of you all:
    Proverbs 25:25
    Like cold water to a thirsty soul,
    so is good news from a far country. ESV
    J #7- We love you and pray for you, you are going to LOVE your family.
    hugs from laura