Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boo-Hoo no DTC this week...

Yesterday was
ruff, ruff.

But today is a new day and His mercies are new each morning.
Praise God for that.
Cuz I be needing lots and lots o' mercies.

I was pretty bummed yesterday. I found out that we received a
request for evidence
from USCIS.
My new three least favorite words.

Funny how you don't think that these types of things will happen to you.

There was a hiccup with our home study.
I hate the hiccups.
They give me a headache.

Soooooo that means we wait.
Lots of mad scrambling yesterday and part of today to get things on the path to fixedness.
Been told it could take as long as 4 weeks
....at which point I almost put my head through the wall.

But alas, I am hopeful that it won't be that long.
In fact.
I serve a BIG GOD...
He's big.
Like real big.

So I still have a shred of hope that we may be DTC next Friday.
I'm claiming it.
I'm believing it.
And I'm praying for it.

Do I know that this is all for His purpose?
Bet yer booty I do.
I am fully aware.....
(after my emotional tantrum of yesterday)
that my piddly lil human self has no idea what He is orchestrating for us.

So I'll wait.
I'll be prepared.
I'll pray and wait on Him.
Ahhh, I feel better already.

Now off to the store to replace the box of Kleenex that I used up yesterday.
Busy, busy busy!

Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the word of his servant? Let him who walks in the dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord and rely on his God. Isaiah 50:10

There is a great post about our reliance on God over on the No Hands But Ours blog, go check it out!


  1. Sonia,

    So sorry to hear this! We did receive our Article 5 today and our agency will hand deliver it to the Consulate Thursday. Looks like we may be going to Long Gang in approx 6 weeks!!


  2. I'm so sorry. I know how hard it is. Sometimes we think the best plan is a quick plan, but God always has the PERFECT plan. I learned through my difficult time last year that I don't know it all like I thought I did. Oh, how I never ever never want to be out of His plan. Yes, we trust in our great big God. I love Him so much!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

    This process is so hard and Im sorry for the delays. God knows the perfect time but the wait is still torture!! We had so many hurdles before DTC, it took us 7 months to be DTC!!

    You have a beautiful family and Wow 6 boys!! How awesome is that!!

  4. You just keep looking at Joey's T-shirt! That says it all!