Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fancy Land Friendships

My First Sunday Snapshot entry from over at
Ni Hao Y'all

For about the 3rd time this year it was time to voyage into the depths of my closet
into the recesses of fancy land
and emerge with a formal dress.

Yep. The dread. The sweat. The tears. The quest to find a formal that fits this month. This paper pregnancy wait and weight is gaining rapidly after all. Cuz when you sit down all day hitting refresh on your email every 2.9 seconds your booty kinda tends to expand....kinda.

The hubs graduates from his current program tomorrow and last night was the graduation ball. So many goodbyes, so many friendships, it was a great night...and a tough night all rolled into one.

We may or may not have begun the evening tailgating in the parking garage with our good buddies, the Aussie's. -sigh- Man am I gonna miss them.
Ok. We probably did tailgate in the parking garage beforehand.
Let's face it.
Is nothing but classy.
Is it sad that the best photo that John and I have together is taken in a parking garage?
Yes. Yes I believe it is.
...just don't look at my crooked necklace.
It's kinda....ya know....bothering me.
Ahh, see! Now you looked!

This is Mrs. Australia.
Her and I have forged a tremendous bond over the last 11 months.

The ability to meet families from literally around the globe was hands down one of my top favorite memories of this year.

Some of my Bible Study posse. -sigh- Man I'm gonna miss them too.

My handsome husband who I am incredibly proud of.

I'm not gonna miss him.
Ya know. I kinda live with him.
So he's not going anywhere.

We ate.
We ate more.

We...meaning me...drank loads of not so authentic sweet tea. Mrs. Aussie took it upon herself to gather all of the undrunken glasses from around our table

and then proceeded to melt down the sugar for only real friends would..

in an effort to provide real sweet tea.

It tasted....
let's move on.

We talked with Sweden
and therein solved all of the world's problems.

Along with Mr. England and Mrs. Sweden.
And we listened to some pretty incredible people speak.

We answered questions written on the program from our international friends

And we received text messages from our children with things like
"Justin threw a Canadian visor at me when it was bed time."
and questions like,
"Can we have a Cherry Crush?!"
and lots of
...for no particular reason.

All in all it was an LOL kinda night. One that I won't soon forget.


  1. It DOES look like an LOL kind of night... those are the best kind! Glad you could manage to laugh AND fit in a formal at the same time... all I could do in my formal was smile. And eat ;)
    So glad you decided to join in this week!
    Happy Sunday, Sonia!

  2. This was a really fun post! I cracked up at the question written on the napkin. My husband works for the US govt. and we live in Australia - so we hear that question a. lot.

  3. Reak neat shots. looks like fun! Great job
    I have joined in too
    Plz do visit

  4. It looks ad sounds like y'all had A LOT of fun!!!

  5. Sonia: You looked absolutely amazing! Girl, I am going to miss you so! At least we have facebook, blogging, and a Godly bond of friendship to keep us close! Love you tons! xoxo JoRie

  6. I am cracking up about the crooked necklace...that is so the type of thing that makes me crazy in pics & makes my husband roll his eyes at me for being in a twist about it!

  7. Looks like you had a wonderful evening - lots of great memories!

  8. Sounds like you have a fun night!! I love those kinds of nights.

  9. Congrats to your hubby! Sounds like a fun evening!

    ahh, ya I looked right at that crooked necklace of yours- can you photo shop that?

  10. girl, i thought the necklace was SUPPOSE to be sideways... ;o) just say it and it is... you fashion diva!