Thursday, June 10, 2010

An update of sorts

on kiddo #6.

One of the staff members of the agency that has his file(and that has agreed to release his file to our agency) sent me an email this morning with some thoughts on him. She had the privilege of meeting him and wanted to share her thoughts.

The following is an excerpt from her email:

During my time with XXXX, although short, I did not notice any cognitive delays. Nor did I notice any issues with his hand.

Unfortunately the disk in which XXXX interview was recorded on was damaged. I am utterly frustrated by this because I lost info on so many kiddos. All boys at that. Not sure if you know but boys are harder to place than girls =/ Not sure why cause I have 4 boys that are fabulous!

Anyhow, I do remember thinking that he was a smart boy. He lets you know what he likes and doesn’t like. He doesn’t like dogs by the way =) But he does like fish. I also remember having his file open and some other ladies in the room saw his picture. They started asking him “Is that you?” Then they would ohh and ahh and tell him how handsome he is. He smiled proudly and said confidently “I know” LOL

I think that we were able to salvage the video of his talent show. We have some professionals working on it. I should have it back the middle of next week. I will send it to you then.

Ahh, my baby. She is talking about my baby. It continues to amaze me how you can love someone so much that you've never met.

Course I am madly in love with my Lord and I've never "met" him either. At least in that sense.

And I loved my other kids when I was pregnant with them though I'd never met them either....even if they did make me barf periodically...

and made my ankles fat....

and stretch my stomach to ridiculous proportions...

and, well, never mind.

So I suppose it should come as no surprise that these two boys have a large chunk of our hearts and we've never met them either. Gracious how we can't wait to pour out that love on them.

Anyway, just thought I'd share a little somethin on our player to be named later! We are hopin for an answer to his adoption sometime in the next few weeks and man oh man I cannot wait to show you that sweet face.


  1. Oh I can't wait to hear all about your #6!!!! And .. if you ever have any questions about "hand issues" .. not sure what his might be, both of our boys adopted from China have needs of their hands and I would be happy to chat! Praying you receive the news your heart desires very SOON!!!!

  2. It is always wonderful and reassuring to get those type of up-dates. I just got some new/old pictures of Ivy. It felt so strange receiving them. I'll post about that later.

    Since I'm a new follower, I want to get this straight. You are adopting PA? But, not LID? And you are trying to adopting another son alongside? No PA? From the same orphanage? I love it when I see this all transpire. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Cheri you are correct! (I am also going to be posting the link to these boys' miraculous story on the side bar and some point today but for now I put it in a new post for ya)In a nutshell these boys are in the same foster home and are best friends. It's pretty incredible really how all of this transpired. I'll try to find all the links to the rest of the story for you and put it up too. Be blessed! Thanks for your encouragement!