Friday, June 4, 2010

Can you spell....

We are all snuggled up on the couch this lazy summer morning watching the Scrips Howard Spelling Bee and I was remembering back when Jordan made it to the regional spelling bee a few years ago so let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?

We were


John took the day off of work, we took Jason out of school as well so we could all be there to cheer our little champion speller on! We arrived early in the morning, got all situated, grabbed some Starbucks and the let the spelling begin.

They did two practice rounds in which Jordan got some pretty difficult words but spelled them right and then it was time to begin.


let me just say, there are some words in the English language that a young boy living in a home with four other boys and one non-girly, girly mom does not ever, ever hear.

And one of those such words is,


That's right, anklet.

My precious baby got out on the first round with, "anklet" he came back to his chair, tears in his eyes, looked at me and said,

"What the heck is an anklet?!"

(He spelled it, "anclet")

To add insult to injury the next word was, are you ready for this?....."hockey"


For goodness sake, now hockey is a word you give to my boy! Not "anklet"! But we rebounded well, went out to lunch and by the time he finished his Oreo sundae it was but gone and forgotten. And being the totally awesome mother that I am, I of course the next day went out to Claire's and bought him an anklet. :) Hey, a mother's got to do what a mother's got to do.

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  1. Poor kid! James got out on apricot because she said it a little funny - and it wasn't even here in AL... :) Fun times, though!