Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Well now we've really gone off the deep end...

First we are followers of Jesus.
Then we decide to follow the Lord's command to care for the orphan and adopt.
And now...
now people are really going to think we have lost it.

Cuz we be..


Jesus fanatics,
Orphan lovers,
and now homeskoolers. ;)

This child

and this child

who are not near this little anymore but I love flipping through the oldies..

will be educated by yours truly for this upcoming school year. All of us are crazy excited about it.

The twins will stay where they are and when Joey and player to be named later join us they too will spend some time learning at home before we decide where and when and if they will go to school.

So here's to a new chapter!
I'm off to find my protractor from high school....or wait....maybe I don't need it.
Certainly there is an app for that.


  1. HI Sonia....thanks for stopping by my blog!! Now I really believe all those things I heard about how quickly time goes by with your babies!! What a wonderful adventure your family is on!! Adopting 2 sweet guys to add to your beautiful family. I admire you for jumping in to homeschool your boys. I homeschooled my guys for 2 years, my oldest then started high school, my middle son "hated" it, my youngest didn't want to be the only one home, so they all went back. I am going to send LUcy to kindergarten, but, I dont know, I might decide to homeschool her at some point :) was hard, but I really got to know my Boys and I loved it!!!

  2. Gorgeous family, adorable boys!! Love my boys can't wait to go get our new son in less than a week!!! What agency are you with?

  3. Congrats!
    Cannot wait to follow along on your new journey of homeschooling!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  4. Ha! I thought maybe you were getting ready to tell us about "secret boy" #7, ha, homeschooling with be a FUN adventure! And one we might be taking on as well when Hudson comes home. We will wait and see ... and do what is right for him! Congrats to you .. I bet you all have a blast!!! Hoping and praying we hear news of your DTC very soon and your RFE @ USCIS is resolved FAST!!! I am so sorry to hear you are waiting. Praying HE gives you peace and a glimpse of HIS plan while you wait.