Thursday, June 24, 2010



Oh how I love a good non-drama filled normal day.

Home study notary literally 35 seconds....after driving an hour and a half...but I digress...
and then we walked across the street to a cute little bistro across from the courthouse for lunch.

This, I should clarify...was not lunch. But is Justin in his element digging for dinosaur bones at the Children's Museum.

Where we had such a phenomenal time that I ended up paying an additional $40 to get the family annual pass.
The family pass that allows 2 adults


Do you know that I actually got to write new kiddos names on the form and that they each have their own pass? Yep.
Such a little thing but such a big, big thing.
Joseph Samuel and J.....ahhhh, wait. That J name isn't for sure yet. We could have one very confused little boy come his first trip to the museum if we don't end up going with that name...but hey. I had to put something down on the form.
I don't think I could have been smiling any bigger as I was filling in their names.

What a neat moment.
(do people say neat anymore? How bout a radical moment?, that sounds too 80's. Groovy moment? before my time. Beast moment?, that sounds like my 13 year old. Hmmm...I think I'm gonna have to stay with neat.)

(PS If it's against some type of rule to write their names on a membership pass before you even have actual approval for them I don't want to know...please keep me in ignorance. :) It's the small moments that keep you going right?!)

On another note, perhaps one day I should write a post about why all the J names...less people think we are trying to imitate a certain large family that all start with J.
Yes. Yes I think I should.
J name post coming soon to a blog near you.

John, who has been home for a month now, in between the end of his previous school and the beginning of his next hung out with the older boys today..which included going out for the Mighty Meaty pizza.
Guy stuff I guess.

And that's it people. No problems, no setbacks, no unexpected turns that made me want to hurl.

Ahhh, love that.

Here's to more normal days ahead....Here, here!


  1. Maybe the delay was so that you could spend a fabulously normal day at the Children's Museum and get to fill out those membership cards. Yesterday's delay brought today's smiles. Enjoy your current boys!

  2. Hey! I have SO enjoyed your blog! I can't wait to follow along. You are hysterical!

  3. Looks like great fun! You have a beautiful family! Love all the J names.:0)
    I'm sorry for all of your paperchaing woes. I do hope it gets better soon. We did our fingerprints today. So hoping...mainly praying for a quick approval.
    Thanks for checking out ourblog. The photobook was ordered from our new website. My friend and I started a new care package business Gifts to China With Love. We would love to send one to your child for you. It is a board book style book, with the pics actually printed on the pages. It's great!
    Check us out if you like.
    Good luck,

  4. please email me your email address, I would like to contact you.

  5. How fun it must have been to put down all your boys' names on those cards! Glad you had a normal enjoyable day .. anxious to hear DTC soon.