Friday, June 25, 2010

In China!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted you to know that our flight arrived and we are here and unpacking! We leave to meet the boys in a couple of hours! We CAN'T WAIT!!


maybe not. As I sometimes say to the boys when they say something totally off the wall:

"What do you want for breakfast when you wake up from that dream?"

I'll take waffles please thank you.

Ahem. So no, we are not in China. We are not near going to China but man alive was that ever fun to write!

I took our home study and our corrected immigration approval downtown today and said hi to the Secretary of State. And I'm not kidding...I'm not making this up....

...she printed out one form, put the gold seal on

and then...

....her printer died.

No kidding. I could not make this stuff up.

Then the other lady that she shares an office with tried.


So they called their IT guy.

No answer.

They call again.

No answer.


It was so ridiculous it was funny.

Alas, after sending that form to the printer no less then 10 times it finally, for whatever reason, kicked it out.

Ha, too funny. So everything is now on it's way to the consulate via the courier who will then pass the final two documents on to our agency.


Can I tell you I felt like a million bucks walking out of that Fed Ex office?! I had no idea the true level of stress and anxiety the last couple of weeks had brought but man alive! I feel like myself again! I was even just reading through my last few blog posts and yikes...that. was. no. fun.

Lastly, have you ever wondered just how quickly USC*S can work when the error is on their part?

allow me to illustrate.


arrived to me today. Totally out of the blue.
That is not my overnight box.
I did not pay for that overnight box nor the contents of it.
I caught the mistake on the form Wednesday early afternoon.
The corrected form inside this box arrived my house..Friday morning.
Love that.
Our worker was a human. So mistakes happen. It's all good.

Did I mention I feel so much better now that all of that paperwork is out of my hands?!
This calls for an ice cream sundae

because though I am feeling so much better...I may or may not have worked myself into some type of massive warm chocolate with cold vanilla ice cream addiction.
Oh my.
Does this warrant a home study update?
"Father. Normal."
"Mother. Addicted to chocolate."
Oh dear, this could get ugly.

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  1. You should have some of warm hot fudge gooey goodness to celebrate! :) Congrats on having those pages out of your hands and on the way to be authenticated and then to CHINA!!!! Wahoo! Praising God with you on your progress and can't wait to hear DTC and LID!!! Can I get a sundae?