Monday, June 7, 2010

Really, I do bathe my children.

I have realized something.

Something about my kids.

They are rarely clean..
....all at the same time.

When trying to find some snapshots to send to your son that is living half a world away, this fact makes things difficult.

Sure you may get one or two that are presentable

But inevitably one of them typically looks like this

while another like this

while another may be in pajamas at 1:00 in the afternoon.

So I have discovered that if I can corral all of them for 6.2 seconds as we are heading out the door to church every Sunday that my odds of capturing four decently clean smiling faces increase exponentially.

This is a good thing.

Our hair may not yet be brushed.
Out buttons may not yet be fully buttoned.
The sleep crusties may still be in their eye.
They are clean.
And with the promise of pancakes being dangled before them...

Good photos yee shall have.


  1. I think Jack is clean, but just wet. I think Justin is clean and who would think about pajama pants and what time of day it is. In all those pictures all those boys are happy and busy. That is what we see! Can you imagine Joey's excitement to see all those activities and all the fun he will have with so many brothers? He will be in awe.

  2. Lisa thank you so much for your perspective on that! I never really looked at it that way but you are SO correct. We think we need lovely posed pictures and this 6 year old boy just wants to see the fun and smiles that his new family has for him. Whew. I needed that today. Thanks friend!