Sunday, June 27, 2010

Please tell me I'm not the only one.

My Sunday Snapshot? The Couch.

Ni Hao Y'all

We have been having a tremendously fun summer thus far! We've been able to go to a few places here and there already but for the most part we have most enjoyed

No early wakeups, no packing lunches, no homework and school projects(can I get a witness?)


Well, we Just Be in front of the Wii often because it is such good family fun.

As I was making breakfast the other day the twins decided to spice it up a bit and make a fort from which to play the Wii from.

No prob.
I'm game.
I'm down with that.
With all of these boys in the house cushions and pillows everywhere does not bother me in the least.

But then.
But then it happened.

My eyes roamed from the fun of the game and watching them giggle...

And I'm going to go ahead and stop now to warn you
there are inappropriate images ahead.
So consider this your last chance to look away...

Deep breath.
Here goes.
Can't believe I'm about to show this to you.


See that?
See that udder filth and disgustedness that the twins managed to unearth simply by removing the cushions?

The horror!

The fright!

The...hey look! The DVD remote!!

I am so ashamed.
Please, please, I beg of you. Tell me that I am not alone.
Tell me that yours looks like this too.
Tell me it anyway even if you have to lie to make me feel better.
Please! Please consider posting the contents under your cushions to soothe my weary, weary soul.

If you are unsure if you can recover emotionally from the previous images, I understand.
If you feel as though you can never again visit this blog, I understand.
If you need to borrow my DVD remote because your couch too looks like this and it has been lost for 6 months, I really understand.

And finally, I know that you will understand that after I saw the mess, I went back to making breakfast, the twins finished their game...and then returned the cushions to their place.
So 3 days I sit.
On clean cushions...
masking a hidden wasteland underneath.


  1. Oh Sonia! Don't feel bad - we just bought a new couch and when the delivery men stood our old couch on its end to maneuver it out the door, cheerios, Matchbox cars and loose change poured from it!

    Cute Sunday Snapshot!

  2. So funny!! Looks like under my cushions...maybe I should check for our remote too...

  3. Awesome post! We make lots of cushion forts at our house so we are all too familiar. Now we drag out the mini vac as part of fort building and vacuum up the mess as we like a charm.

  4. I think I'll become a new follower of your Blog (over from Stefanie's Sunday Snapshot), excatly because my couches often look like this when the cushions get removed!!!

  5. I was totally with you on the yuck under the couch cushions... my junk might even be able to trump your junk. But I think I'd have one of my kids pull out the vacuum cleaner before putting the cushions back. Guess my military husband is rubbing off on my a wee bit, maybe? Or maybe I've just got some free labor?!?
    Great Snapshot... and thanks for the chuckle :)

  6. At Lease you found the remote!! I would have hated to reprogram a new one.....
    What kind of popcorn is that? It looks good!! :) Daddyo

  7. Oh we are all so similar.

    In search for a missing DS the other day, I ventured under the couch cushions and found many pieces of Lego, cereal and plenty of unidentifiable objects, and of course no DS. At least the couch was cleaner for a few moments.

  8. mine totally look like that...except that we got a new couch and the cushions are attached. when we bought the couch my first thought was "how am i going to clean out from behind the cushions?!" (deep hole, hard to get to. At least you can remove the cushions and vacuum if you want! :)

  9. haha! This made me laugh and now, I know where I need to go looking to find our missing remote:)

  10. Our cushions don't come off! But I have four girls who use pillows off the couch to built forts to "hide" in! Must be a unisex game!

    Oh, but if you look under our bed......Yikes! Just the thought makes me squeamish!!

  11. Too funny!

    I don't know if i could trust anyone that has a clean "underneath the cushions" couch! LOL

    You're a hoot!

    Jill :0

  12. Found ya through another blog...your family is beautiful. Just look at all those gorgeous boys...what a blessing! Praying you are DTC very soon! Blessings, stacy

  13. I can't even tell you how much I love you right now.....

  14. Just found your blog after your comment on Sally's blog....Our new sofa cushions don''t come off, but our old sofa is so gross!!! especially when the dog drops a tick down in their too!
    No I'm not going to blog about it!!
    You guys are just behind us in the paperwork mess, Hope you get a "yes" to your big question