Monday, June 21, 2010

Hope is Rising!

Had to take a short blogging break for my mental health as I'm sure all adoptive parents can attest too.

Sometimes you just gotta back away.

Last week was a rough week but alas, hope is risin!

I spent last week drowning my sorrows in hot fudge and home movies. Now that I'm on the other side of that I can attest to the following:

*Your pants will get tighter when you eat aforementioned hot fudge nearly everyday.
*I looked a whole lot younger in the home movies from 10 years ago.
*Watching home movies of your newborn twins will only serve to make you want to have newborn twins again.
*Once you emerge from your hot fudge coma you will remember the enormous sleep deprivation from said newborn twins. So you will quickly snap back into reality. And for that your husband will be grateful.
*Watching home movies will make you want to videotape every waking moment with your children because you see how quickly they have grown.
*You will consider signing up for your own reality show just so that you can document their growing up years....but then you realize that you would need to get out of your jammies before noon on these lazy summer days to be on previously mentioned show...and that sounds like a lot of you scratch the reality show idea.
And that concludes Sonia's lessons learned from last week.

It's looking like our dossier will make it China this Friday!!

oooo, that sounded so good I think I need to say it again...

It's looking like our dossier will make it to China this Friday!!

Whew, ok. I feel better now.

Lots of moving parts from lots o' different people all need to come together to make it all work so we covet your prayers for all of this to go smoothly!

Sooo, if our dossier jumps on a jet plane Friday....


that can only mean that....

the coming soon.

Ahhhh, can't wait for that. I better go stock up on hot fudge either way.


  1. I know all about the wallowing and needing a break. Our internet was down all weekend and we had no phone service. It was nice!

    Do share about the good news! I'll be praying for a DTC on Friday!

  2. LOL...I can totally relate!! We got out home videos a few months ago and also started videoing everyting!!

    Hang in there! It will all be worth it!!

  3. *Watching home movies of your newborn twins will only serve to make you want to have newborn twins again. - Really?!? I guess that's kind of true... ;)
    And for that your husband will be grateful. - Too funny! :)

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! Loved reading this, so funny and boy do those home movies get ya sometimes! And WAHOOOOOOO DTC on Friday!!!! I will be praying all those details come together!!!! Share your news as soon as you can.

  5. Welcome back O Queen of the Hot Fudge, and Wooohooo on the possible Friday DTC! It sounds like your mental health break was quite productive. :)

    Waiting to celebrate any new news with you! Oh, and I got my cutie patootie wildOlive shirt the other day. Lovin' it!

    Blessings ~


  6. Had to come back and read this again ... still laughing! Thinking about you guys and praying the Friday post reads DTC!!!!