Thursday, August 12, 2010

Agency email & Christmas shopping

Ok, feeling much better now.
Laid my pity party at the foot of the cross, soaked up some time in the Word
received another email that they are going to be trying again sometime in the next day or so.
They have all of our required docs to submit our LOI right after the lock so here we go...again.

In other big news, I just found out that we were selected to be a part of Hip Mom Jewerly's fundraiser!

What a blessing!!

So if you are like me and like to shop for Christmas in August then check out these little pieces of girlyness!Ahhh girlyness....I am vaguely familiar with that. Pretty, shiny things that smell good. Yep. It's starting to beat it's way out of the vast sea of testosterone. Girlyness...ahhhhh.
Or go here for more shopping! Our family will receive 30% of any sale on this page only and you have to use the code Martin10 in order for our family to be credited. Please put Martin10 in the coupon code as well as the comment section. (Our code applies only to the pieces on the adoption page of Hip Mom jewelery)

And above all, thank you for being part of our journey to get these boys home! Your encouragement and prayers mean more to me than you can ever know!

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