Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lock the file take 3?!

Recieved another email from our agency yesterday morning letting me know that since a new shared list was coming out that night that it would not be a good night for his file to be all up in that scuttle.
 And I agree.
So, she said that they may try for tonight.
I'm hopeful......
but not holding my breath.

Today is day 40 waiting for LSC for Joey.
If we get Joey's before other kiddos we have to hold it until his is ready so that they can go together.
Good times.
One would imagine that we may be able to get somewhat of a quick PA and LSC for J#6 after all the hullabaloo?
One would think.
But one could be wrong.

In other #6 news we are deciding on his name TONIGHT.
Maybe that's what been holding all of this up. Gracious!
He needs a name for goodness sake!
We wrote secret ballets last night while building the Great Wall(more on that later) and through much hilarity... there was a tie.

3 votes Jacob.
3 votes Jonah.

Crackin me up.
So tonight over dinner we are casting ballots once again and no one is excused until this precious child has a name!
Who knew that this would be one of the hardest part of the adoptions!

I think all of the excitement is going to throw me into early labor.
I need an epidural.


  1. Okay...here are my $.02 worth. Joseph has 6 letters. Jeremy has 6 letters. Both boys together make you have SIX kids. Then you can call for Joe and Jer or Joey and Jery!!

    BTW, Epidural are highly overrated!! No pain, no gain!! Bwahahaha!

  2. Gotta go with Jonah!! Love that name:) I always loved the name game!!

  3. Two votes for Jude over here, but if not Jude we vote for Jonah!

  4. You are so fun!
    Both names are beautiful. How bout you choose based upon the meaning of the name?
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  5. Can I vote for Jacob? Although Jonah fits in,too. Love the name Joseph for number 5. :)
    Oh yes! That was always the hardest for us...naming our babies. We didn't name them until the last minute. Drove everybody crazy..and especially us.
    Praying that all goes well and they can work out all the details for you soon. God knows. :)

  6. Come on CCdouble A, HOLD THAT J already! Praying that your name game tie breaker is successful tonight, and J#6 soon has an identity. If you are anything like our family (who tends to shorten everyone's name to its shortest possibility), Joey & Jonah, would quickly become "The Jo's" I kinda like it-- if Jude is outa the running. Can't wait to hear the final decision!

    Praying that your next post says that #6 is LOCKED! Wait--praying that it sounds more like," J_ _ _ _, is LOCKED!!!



  7. I wish I could vote...

    I am dying over here waiting to hear something about that file! I can only imagine y'all.

  8. You crack me up!! Love your posts- I always end up laughing!! Actually I like both of the names BUT I think I lean toward Jacob. Jake and Joey for the two younger guys!

    Come on- Lock in #6- let's get this guy home with his bro!!

  9. Im with Jean on this one.. love the Jake and Joey.. plus they flow the the other boys names.. :O)
    and on the epidural.. last time you had one spit out two babies in 20 minutes.. I remember - I was watching- front row - well.. kinda holding your back and taking photos.. so not really front front row.. but back row... but it was fast so I say GET THE EPIDURAL and bring it on! ;o) lol

  10. At this point, I need doula compensation!!!!

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