Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 32 waiting on LOA

We are still waitin!
So many people getting their LOA's the last couple of days! So many kiddos getting closer to being with their families! Oh how that makes my heart soar!

Still no news on where on earth J #6's file is.
Not gonna lie
it's makin me not crazy at all, I am perfectly peaceful

We should be getting close though!!!They've been coming lately on day 38-47, which seems to be about the average these days.
Can't wait, can't wait

I'm ever so slightly majorly becoming concerned about the timing of everything as there are so many events coming up across the pond that will be affecting available consulate appointments.

China is basically closed the first week of October for the Mid-Autumn Festival holidays and then there is a trade fair from October 15th to November 4th. And then they launch right on into the Asian games November 12th-27th.
Crazy sauce.

If we don't get our LOA soon... .like soon-soon I think we may be having to wait until December. which....kinda makes my stomach turn. That coupled with the knowledge that December is sure to be a crazy month trying to get appointments due to everyone being pushed back...well....let's just say I'm glad I can rest in the knowledge that He's got it all worked out.
Cuz if it not for that...well...ummmm...it wouldn't be pretty.

Come on LOA's!!!!


  1. Yes, Im still making jewelry!! I do custom orders and all $$ goes to our travel costs!! Would love to make something for you!!

    We got our LOA at 56 days. Now we are two weeks into waiting for i800 approval, NVC, and Article 5 and TA!! Whew!! Im also wondering how it will all work out with October and NOv being a non travel months??? I dont see it happening before Oct but waiting until Dec. makes me sad for us and Gemma. Only God knows!!

  2. Praying that it will be soon...very, very soon!

  3. Oh my word- Thank you for visiting my blog so I could see yours!! What an amazingly wonderful family. And sheesh! I am in awe of how the Lord is woking in your family!!! I am praying for you! Come on LOA!!!!

  4. Hoping and praying it comes soon!!

  5. Sonia ... praying for that LOA! Should we be worried about you ... there has been no mention of fudge for a long time, ha! (there was not a York left in Omaha while we waited, ha!) This waiting is hard - I cannot imagine walking this path without the knowledge that HE is in complete control.