Monday, August 2, 2010

China purchases thus far

Well, my bedroom floor looks a bit like Target threw up all over it.

...but in a good way.

So fellow adoptive mommy's here's what I have so far and I need your BTDT wisdom on what I am still lacking so here's the rundown:

Floaties for the pool
Bath time supplies. If they've never had a bath before they are in for a treat! Fizzy balls that reveal dinosaurs, bath foam, bubble bath, Sponge Bob shampoo, color tablets...I'll break the news that bath time doesn't always look like that...but I'll save that news until after they like us. ;)

Shirts for the swearing in ceremony at the consulate.

Jammies! I heart clean kids in clean jammies! (which, hello; does anyone else catch that irony? 6 boys and clean all at the same time...uhhh no.)

And because I love my husband and respect his need for caffeine, to-go cups for coffee for early morning appointments complete with a box of Starbux's new instant coffee packets.

And that's that. Complete with a hodge podge of other small entertainment items that I can pull out of my magic bag and that's it.

So unleash the feedback! What am I missin? What worked for you? Do tell! Do tell!

The rookie.


  1. Wow!!! You thought of a ton more than we did!! We did take bubbles and balloons and a beach ball, all were big hits! When do you expect to hear about little one #6??? Very handsome young men:)

  2. It has been so long since I had boys! Playdough? Hot wheels? Squirt guns? Toy Story DVD? How do you handle all that testosterone? Don't you feel outnumbered? And to won't have to pay for a single wedding...just 6 rehearsal dinners.

    My boys bring me such fun, laughter and hysteria. It is a global thing with boys.

  3. Okay, you can rest easy knowing that you can buy all that stuff super cheap in China at the Trust Mart or Carre Foure stores. I just want to see how those cups are going to hold up after travel!!

    Gio loved cartoon books we got for him at the TrustMart as well as a super cheap transformer. He loved listening to our IPODs and if I would have known better I would have downloaded kid educational songs for him. He loved the DS and Gameboy.

    Remember in China travel only allows 40 pounds per bag. Don't want to spoil your shopping fun, but just wanted to let ya know!

  4. HEy, what about a good ole juicy HAMBURGER?? They're comin to AMerica!! Oh, Fries too!! and a Coke!!

  5. Water wings are better than the floaty rings- safer and the kids have more mobility and don't flip over. Beach balls are great!! Everyone loves bubbles! Sticker books are good too

    Clean jammies are a must- love a fresh new pair on a new little one!!

    I got ipod shuffles for the girls and put chinese music on them. Nintendo DS and or the hand held leap frogs are great!

    Transformers and toy cars- fabulous!!

    Shopping in China is one of the things "to do" so don't bring too much!

    So excited for you!! WooHoo!!