Saturday, August 21, 2010

Agency Update-The Drama Continues

Ahhh, the plot thickens.
Our agency called yesterday to give me an update...kinda.

She said that they have been trying and trying to set up another time for Jacob's file to be released to the shared list to no avail.
They were told day before yesterday that that is not what they want to do anymore.

In light of the new program that they are rolling out on the 1st that will enable them to assign Special Focus kiddos to individual agency list, they want to approach it that way.
I'm game.
Let's do it.
oh....but no.

Though they apparently have unveiled this new program, according to what they told our agency, they actually do not have a process in place to execute it.
I'm not kidding.

Seems to me, and I know I'm a rookie here, but it seems to me that they upload hundreds of files all the time to both the shared list and indidvidual list.
Why is there a problem now?

So the official at the CC-A-A has requested a meeting with the higher up official to get instruction on how the new process is going to work. In the email explaining all of this to our agency at the bottom she then said,
"Tell the family  not to worry, that it is all still ok."
Still not kidding.
I asked our agency if they were given any sort of time table to when the meeting with the high offiical will take place but the official did not say, however, we can only assume that since the new program launches September 1st(coincidentally Jacob's bday) that they will have a process in place by then.
Crazy sauce. 

At least I can kinda get a glimpse of the finish line with this part of the process and for that I am grateful. They are also holding Joey's LOA until Jacob's ready so that explains why we haven't heard anything on that front as well.
It feels so much better to get an update, honestly whether good or bad, just to remind myself that their are people workin on it.That we are getting there. It is definitely on the sloooww boat to China...but I can almost see the harbor in the distance...which is a good thing cuz I'm gettin kinda sea sick!


  1. Hi Sonia,
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. I will add you, your family, and your 2 boys in China to my prayers. I'll also look through your blog some more and hear your story. :)

  2. Well, at least it is something albeit frustrating. September 1 seems so far away. I hope you hear something before then!

  3. Praying that things get worked out quickly!!


  4. I love it when you say the name Jacob- it makes it so real- it will happen but it is so hard to wait- I hate waiting- ugh! I am so sorry that you are having to sit tight when all you want to do is get your boys home!!

    Hang in their friend- praying for you!

  5. I wore OUT the refresh button on my computer when we were adopting our twins! ANY news is always welcome news! Even cah-razy talk gibberish like what you got!

    God is in charge. Even of this new process! Just wanted to let you know I'm on your prayer "team" and cheering on God to deliver your boys home to your arms quickly and safey!

  6. I can't believe you know.nothing.yet......

    Hang in there!! I remember being good friends with the refresh button too!
    And one day, sooner than it seems, you'll wake up to SIX boys in your house and all of this will seem like a distant dream. I'm serious - it WILL happen!!
    Praying for you along with everyone else!!

  7. Send up prayers from Hong Kong,

  8. Praying you through these last ten days! I know September 1st seems FAR away but it will be here soon and all this will fade away when you are able to post Jacob's sweet face where it belongs - on your sidebar!

  9. Still praying and waiting on our awesome King to see what He has in store. You are diligent and you can endure...hang in there girlfriend! :)