Wednesday, August 18, 2010


No news yet on his file...but we won't dwell on that....ahem....much...
Instead I'd like to share that J #6 finally has a name

By the time dinner rolled around last night we had branched out even further in name game territory beyond Jonah and Jacob which 24 hours previously we had narrowed things down to.
But now there were all sorts of name choices rolling in:

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Thank you teenager.
But no.
Joel made an appearance again.
As did Jude.
..thanks to the teenager...again.
Still no.
Josh. was at this point I was convinced that we had turned into the Duggar family.

But through our highly techinical secret ballot system we managed to come to a majority vote. I'm happy to report there were no hanging chads or other voting errors.
We were kickin it old school
straight up, with sticky notes and crayons.

So without further ado,
it is my great pleasure to introduce to you...

Jacob Benjamin -Chinese name-Last name

Jack was our ballot counter and he was just a tad excited that his choice won.

Ok, maybe a lot excited.
This is my final vote, stuck to my foot...

cuz I'm always behind the camera and my badly in need of a pedicure foot is all I can photograph....unless of course you want to see me like this

In the end, we were all very happy.

So Jacob Benjamin young man!

 All I have to say to you is welcome to the come home! We love you so, so much!!


  1. Jacob is a great name! Can't wait to see his whole picture and for Alexis to post it in that "?"

  2. Well, it's about time! And you will suffer terribly having a Jack and a Jacob. I call my kids even by the dog's name. Cannot keep 'em straight!

    Congratulations! Now you just need that file!

  3. Love it! Now that he has a name, it seems very just to get that file locked!


  4. Love, love, love the name! Now lock in that file and get PA so we can see the rest of that face!


  5. YIPPY SKIPPY! So I was pretty partial to Joel and I see you didn't include me in on the vote so my suggestion is to have a #7 and call him Joel. We all know you can handle a #7 better than I can handle a #3 so I hand that over to you my friend! Love ya and love the name!! (Love the name Joel more, but again, I was not asked for an opinion on this matter) ;-)

  6. L.O.V.E the name ... and praying that LOCK comes soon! Can't wait to see his sweet face pictured with the rest of your handsome crew. :)

  7. LOvin the name - great choice- in case you didn't notice that was my FIRST choice too- you really should've just asked ME what to name your little guy BUT then you'da lost out on all the good blog material!!

    Jake and Joey, Joey and Jake- awesome!!

    Jonah just diidn't work- ya don't want to shorten his name to Jone- not good!

    Relax, you will be callin them all the wrong name soon!! ;-) Like me!

    And yes- go get yourself a pedicure!!! Like yesterday!!

  8. Welcome Jacob and I agree now just come home!!! I love the name Jake!! Did like Jude though too!

  9. So sweet. I can't wait to "meet" Mr. Jacob!!

  10. Love it! Cannot wait to see all of Jacob!

  11. Jacob's a great name! Actually it is the first "J" name amongst our "J" boys. Joseph is the second. Plus there's lots of great nicknames (my son's fave is "Cobb"). Can't wait to see the whole Jacob photo. Congrats!