Thursday, August 26, 2010

No news news.

No news on those "ASAP" LSC's. Lots of families getting theirs yesterday, which leaves me wondering...
do LSC's typically come in batches?
Today is Day 49.

I'm ok with it though...well....maybe not ok....still a bit impatient in my flesh....but I have learned the following:
  1. When waiting for an important phone call, staring at the phone and repeating, "ring..Ring...RING...please RING!!" over and over again, will in fact not actually make the phone ring. 
  2. When you carry the phone into the bathroom with you just in case it RINGS be wary of the toothpaste getting on the reciever. 
  3. Breath again as you manage to extract aforementioned toothpaste from the reciever.
  4. Having your teenager call you to test the phone's functunality after afore aforementioned toothpaste incident will help you realize that the phone indeed's just NOT RINGING
  5. Realizing that once about 9:30am rolls around your odds of getting that big phone call are quite substancially diminished. 
  6. Realize now that this is actually a good thing because it allows you to carry on with your day. 
  7. But still carry your phone with you....cuz it makes you feel better. 
So that's what I'm learning. Here's hoping for tomorrow? Unless of course my theory of batches is which's hoping for next week?'s hoping for sometime before they are 35 years old?...
I dunno. 

Now I'm off to find a Chinese dictionary...I simply MUST look up their definition of ASAP.


  1. argh...the waiting is soooo tough!!

  2. Waiting is torture! I am not very good at it... I too carry the phone around and push refresh on my computer every 10 seconds-the more I wait the more NOthing happens- ugh...

    Maybe tomorrow!

    Sonia would you email me at


  3. I always know I can come here and laugh (not at you of course, ha) but you have a way with words, so funny. I needed a giggle today -thank you. Here is to Monday my friend and good news for BOTH of US! :)

  4. Joining you in anticipating that RING!!!!!

  5. Haha!!! I have SO BTDT!!!!! It can drive a person crazy:) Praying that daggone phone will RING!!!!