Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Poll results so far

As of this morning, after 41 votes, Jude is the top name game contender! You guys must be reading my mind cuz that's my current fav as well! Jacob is a close second only one vote away.(Hubs current fav)
-no this debate over the name of our newest son is not causing any marital strife-
.....none at all....ahem...... nope.....not at all.

Just to throw a monkey in the wrench.....a wrench in the monkey?....I dunno......last night we started kicking around


But I can't seem to find a middle name that I like to go along with Joel.
Ahhh, the trials of adoption. :)


  1. Hey Sonia...catching up on your blog!

    Love it!!!!
    Love your heart!!!
    Love how God is working miracles for y'all!!!

    Love the name Joel!!!!


  2. I kept my children's Chinese names as their middle names. Maybe that is a possibility? I like Joel, but love Jude or Judah. I always loved Charlton Heston as Judah Ben Hur.

  3. I really like Joel, but Joey and Joel are going to sound A LOT alike, especially to a foreign speaker. I still like Jacob best, but its not my new boy to name.

  4. I love Jude. My son, Jameson, was going to be a Jude up until the last minute! I still want a little boy named Jude!

  5. How about Joel Lee? Course that would translate into Jolie! Oh well..... Daddyo

  6. Jude!



    Just trying to widen the margin a bit . . .

    thought it might help to relieve some of the marital strife . . . you know-- if the margin were bigger.

    Just sayin'!



  7. Another J Mom here. I have a Jonah, Joel, Jackson and Jameson. :))) So I would pick Jonah or Joel but I'm obviously partial. ;)

    BTW, we brought home our Joel and Jameson from China about 6 weeks ago … on the same trip.

    Our boys are 11, 10, 8, and 5, and then our daughter will be 5 in the fall. Life is full and crazy!

    I think I found your blog on Shannon's blog.