Friday, August 6, 2010

An update

Or rather an non-update update.

J #6's file was released from his assigned agency on Monday afternoon.

It's Friday and I got nuthin.

No idea where his file is right now, it was supposed to be headed directly to our agencies individual list but no confirmation yet that that has happened.
It takes a bit, I totally understand...
but I ain't gonna lie. Part of me is sooo nervous that his file is sitting out there in shared list land at the availability of many, many different agencies. .
And that would be...well....let's not go there.

We haven't come this far with this precious son of ours to lose him now but gracious what a couple of little letters like
would do for my heart right about now!
His birthday is coming up on September 2, he will be turning 7 and I really, really wanted his first family package to reach him by then but tick, tock....
don't know if we will be making that.

The boys' orphanage is very new to international adoption and apparently the orphanage is a bit backed up in delivering care packages to the kiddos in the foster homes, so even though we will use a courier she can only get it as far as the orphanage and then it's up to them for delivery.
Birthday Plan A is a package and a cake.
Birthday Plan B is just a cake as that bypasses the need for the orphanage staff to deliver.
It's lookin more and more like Plan B may just be it.

One way or another this little boy is going to soon know that our crazy family is madly in love with him, and for that I cannot wait!


  1. Send a camera with the cake! Hopefully you will get pics of them with their cake! If they don't give you pics they will give the camera to you when you pick him up- than you can have it developed at home.

    That reminds me- I have 4 cameras I need to take in and get developed!!

  2. COME ON PA!!!!! I know your heart must be anxious, hang in there my friend and I will be praying you hear very soon! I had to giggle when I saw the "stash" on the floor ... my bedroom has a pile a lot like it with many simliar items! :) Very soon you will be packing up those goodies to bring to your two boys!
    And just my thoughts .. send the cake. :) It seems like you get photos quicker with the cake. Hudson's birthday is tomorrow .. praying his cake is there and that my computer hold precious pictures by next week!
    Hugs to you.