Thursday, August 19, 2010

I got my butt kicked by the Great Wall

Well.I haven't walked it.
I haven't climbed it.
I haven't even ever seen it.
But nonetheless...
kick my butt it did.

was supposed to a great family fun project.

was indeed not a family fun project. I should know after 13 years of parenting that when a craft is on clearance it means BEWARE! It means that other, more intelligent mothers, have purposely chosen to bypass aforementioned craft clearance area cuz they know better.
Way better.

The only "family" fun of this was watching mommy try and figure out how on earth all of this
goes together
using only this
as my guide.
While scattering hundreds of these
all over the floor.
FYI my brain does not work this way.
His brain works this way
but he is drowning in book-learnin this year and putting together the Great Wall is not really fitting into his schedule these days.  Neither is sleeping, or eating, or breathing, or anything else but that's another story. Poor guy. 10 more months honey! You can do it!

My brain does not
in any
operate in details such as this.

But nonetheless, it may have kicked my butt
....but I kicked his...her's?'s?.
I dunno.
Anyway, check out the finished product!

AND I did it all by myself(soon after my four "helpers" abandoned me for a new episode of Phineas & Ferb).

Love it.

Hey, where's Perry?

Oh, and still no news on the file....but we're still not talking about least out my head it gets talked about a in every waking moment...but I digress...


  1. This mother of four sons is TOTALLY impressed!
    And I have walked the Great Wall!
    Love & Blessings from Hong Kong,

  2. Way to go, you stick-to-it-wall-buildin'-mama you! I'm very impressed.

    Saying another prayer for that file. The one you aren't talking about . . . at least out loud. May the voice in your head soon be interupted by the peace of knowing that Jacob Benjamin is officially yours!!

    Blessings on your day~


  3. Hehehe!!! I LOVE it!! My brain SO does NOT work that way either and my hubby's does too:) I am VERY impressed!!! Way to go and thank you for your very sweet comment on my blog!!

  4. Wow Sonia- very good!! I love puzzles but I'm not so sure about that- looks hard, looks tedious! And all your helpers ditched you- can you believe it!

    Ya, I can too!!

    Praying for the file and for peace in your heart!