Monday, August 16, 2010

What my life has come to.

Since it's like a bazillion degrees outside.....
(man I am such a good homeschool mother...I use words like "bazillion"..... my kids are gonna be gut en edukated cuz they be home teached.)

Anyway, this is what we have come to.
Ditchin the hundreds of water bottles these kids seem to plow through every day and we're pulling out the big guns.
We washed off the dug out baseball dirt and now it sits proudly...though incredibly tackily....right smack in the middle of the table.
Good times!
Perhaps in the winter we will fill it with hot cocoa....
or maybe I can cook a roast in it in this heat.
Sheesh! The possibility are endless!


  1. I have one of these in the garage .. might try it out, ha! Praying we see some big ole news posted here SOON!!! Any idea when they will "try" again? Praying for you my friend as you wait. Hugs.

  2. you seriously crack me up. my husband always thinks i'm crazy when i read your posts because i laugh aloud! :)