Friday, January 28, 2011

Homeboy Got Style

As I mentioned we are having some serious wardrobe malfunction here.
I knew their measurements before we left but convinced myself that there is no way that my almost 7 year old was that small.
I'm a dork.
He is that small.

Thanks to all of my totally rockin friends who have offered to drop off your used 4T's....ya'll are awesome and I am so blessed by all of you. 

Anyhoo, everything except their underwear(thanks Angie) is too big.
Even their socks.
Jacob tends to handle this ok
but Joey is a bit pickier about his sock wear.
He always looks at me, points to his gigantic socks, and wrinkles his nose as if to say,
"Hey crazy American you not see that these don't fit?"

So yesterday when I was getting them changed back into their normal clothes out of their red couch outfits he took the cuff's of his rolled up jeans and did this

and proceeded to walk all over the island the rest of the day

I love this boy.
3 Days till home!


  1. :O)
    I just smile.. and think of my girl Sophia and all her smokin style ;o)

  2. by the way.. a little story.. we were in the squatty (the first trip) and I watched a chinese lady pee- yes I have no shame and I wanted to know HOW to pee with out peeing on my pants in the dead of winter as they hung around my ankles.. this is exactly what she did! She tucked in her pants, smiled at me, gestered for me to do the same and i did! :O)
    thanks for making me think of that!!

  3. This is So cute! Poor baby. He's going to be thrilled to have some clothes that fit him ;) He is just adorable!!!

  4. Maybe he was just trying to show off his NIEKs. :)