Monday, March 29, 2010

Do they speak Spanish in China

About a month before we decided to adopt my husband's job required him to take a foreign language course. He was able to put down his top three choices that he would like and then they would choose one for him. So he chose Spanish, French or German and was assigned Spanish. Yeah. Spanish. Not 4 weeks later we were on the paper route to Ch*na. One of the choices he could have made? Yep. Mandarin. Argh. So here we sit. Armed with Spanish speaking abilities and on our way to Ch*na. But alas, whilst I was out yesterday I saw this:

for the bargain price of this:

With funny cartoon learning like this:

So look out world. We are going to learn a few key phrases in Mandarin to get us through those first few weeks together. Otherwise our sons may think all we know how to say is Ni Hao thanks to one popular cartoon.

Son: "I need to use the bathroom."
Me: "Ni Hao!"

Son: "I am really hungry."
Me: "Ni Hao!"

Son: "Can we go swimming?"
Me: "Ni Hao!"

Son: "Is that all you can say?"
Me: "Ni Hao!"

Son: "This lady is crazy."
Me: "Ni Hao!"

Uhhh. Yeah. I'd better get to studying. Ni Hao everyone!

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