Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To be a criminal or to not be a criminal...that is the question.

Fingerprints Round 1 done today! And in case you were curious...yes, there will be a fingerprint round 2...cuz ya know, our fingerprints could change from now until next month so it's important that we complete this step twice...uhhh, yeah. Red tape at it's finest.

Social worker comes for the "home tour" tomorrow and to meet and interview the kids. Yeah. The kids. Bet your bottom we are being overly nice to them and allowing them to have ice cream and fun dip for dinner in hopes they will tell her that they like us. Just kidding.....kinda. But if I were being completely honest...which I am....I will tell ya, it is slightly un-nerving having a complete stranger come into your home and look in all of your closets and your underwear drawer and talk to your kids privately about what your family is like. Now don't get me wrong, we have a pretty darn cool family if I don't mind saying so myself, but come on! There are teenagers living in this house! Teen. Age. Ers. You NEVER know what is going to come flying out of their mouths!

Been scrubbing and organizing every nook and cranny of this house. Want some motivation to have a perfectly clean and organized house? Just adopt!(Just be prepared to lay out those fingerprints...twice...ahem...)

So standby for the home study update tomorrow, I may or may not be planning to bust out my papparzzi moves on her at the door. So Jana the social worker will be making her blog debut. Poor girl has no idea what's about to hit her. Should be exciting!

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  1. If you need a recommendation, there's one or two over here in Tejas!!!