Thursday, March 25, 2010

They always said it would happen...

I always knew...I guess...that one day it would happen. That one day these boys who from their earliest days have been early birds...would turn the other direction. That those little toddlers who would bound into the living room bright eyed at 7am every morning.....would learn to sleep in.

But here we were, 12 and 13 years later and still....nothing. Until yesterday......

This one:

fell asleep on the way home from school. And this one:

well, I think this picture speaks for itself. Yeah. This is Jordan. This is Jordan at 7:15am. So I guess it's true after all. It took over a decade but now I get it. I get it and I believe it. The day may actually come when I will have to drag 6 teenage boys out of bed each morning...or out of the recliner. Anyone have a spray bottle I can borrow?

1 comment:

  1. There are days when Jackson says goodnight and goes to bed before Mason. Unheard of around here. Then, he has been known to sleep in until 9 or even 10. Yes, the time is coming.