Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The home study debrief.

The car pulled up.

And there she was.

The subject of my mad papparaz* skillz. The very person who was going to decide if this house is worthy of two more. Two more that can play in here(yes, this is our "dining room"):

and chillax in here(our very formal sitting room):

and be snuggled until they can be snuggled no more in here:

(cuz ya know we got a few years o'snugglin to catch up on!)

What would she say? What would she do? Will she like us? Will the kids confess to her that their mother sometimes feeds them cereal for dinner and gives said dinner a name(Silly Breakfast Dinner!)in a very lame attempt to validate it? Will she think favorably of us? Will she notice the pee behind the toilet seat that I may have forgotten to clean? The dust on the baseball trophies? The rescue hero's that sit on the edge of our bathtub?

Well no. She didn't notice, and if she did she never said anything. She. Was. Sweet. We had an hour of good conversation and she had 5 minutes of silly conversation with the boys. A successful day fo sure. So now it's our turn to head her direction next week as we meet with her again for our separate interviews.

So for now, here we sit not knowing really what to do with ourselves in this incredible scrubbed and polished home. What to do, what to do. Guess we will watch these boy's sweet videos...again...because really, it's the best thing on y*u tube right now, that much I know for certain.

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