Monday, March 22, 2010

Where two worlds collide.

Ever since our adoption adventure began we moved across the country, set up a new house, started the boys in new schools, and figured out where the commissary and Targ*t are I have been neglecting our family blog. And what I have figured out is that there is no way I can keep up both...well, I'm sure there is a way. But that would involve giving up eating...or sleeping...and I get grouchy when I don't eat or sleep. Then this would be the place where that grouchy woman who never eats or sleeps writes stuff down. So I'm thinking that would be slightly counterproductive. Thus, this will now become my little corner of the cyber space where you, my dear reader, get to listen to my ramblings on not only adoption but our daily life raising these boys. Congratulations. There is no prize. But congratulations nonetheless. So standby your laptop, and let the full family craziness be unleashed!

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