Saturday, March 27, 2010

One of these things is not like the other......

We live in the land of bows. Big bows. Small bows. Bows, bows, bows. Bows and smocking.

Did I mention the smocking?

Bows, smocking, dresses and jumpers. Seriously, the cuteness that abounds around here is too much. Throw in church on Sunday morning and both the size of the bows and the ruffles on the dresses escalate to pandemic proportions.

And then. And then if you are feeling really brave, go to the Easter Extravaganza and the cuteness rises up and smacks you in the face. I think I was staring. Scratch that, I know I was staring. I think I was known as the creepy lady who was staring at the ruffles who didn't have her teenage son dressed in a jumper. Seriously people. I don't have girls so when these little one's toddle past me in their precious little outfits it's all I have within me not to reach out and pat their sweet heads.

Now so you understand, my boys weren't raised in this foreign bow land. So there's that. And then there's the fact that...well, that they are boys. So we don't get a whole lotta that in our house.

The combination of being temporary visitors in bow country and the fact that these boys live most of their lives in sports attire; this

is how my kids had to show up to the Easter Extravaganza. Yep. That's my kids. Not a bow in sight. I'm almost certain I'm breaking some sort of law of the land around here but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. And we gotta put them in this in order to race across town directly afterward for a game. I'm certain the bow police are after us.....

Yep...there they are...don't they look menacing? Run Justin!! Run! Ruuunnnnn!!!!
Someone please send me 10 spools of ribbon so I can bow...I mean bail us out. Thanks. This girl appreciates it.

Even without our bows and smocking we managed to have a really good time.

Even with someone's pocket turned inside out...which apparently when you are 7 and playing how it's done.


  1. look on the bright side.. you certainly won't lose your boys in the crowd ;o) LOL

  2. I LOVE that you have a houseful of boys and are stepping up to adopt a boy!!! I've always said that boys love their moms in such a tender way - there's something super special about that type of love. And you're going to have it five-fold! Much better than any bow!

    I read your comment on my blog, and yes, absolutely - any questions at all you have about traveling to Guangdong, please email me at I'd love to answer what I can.

  3. I also long for hair bows and smocking and cute mary jane shoes with folded socks with lace on the cuffs. But, God knows best. Maybe we appreciate it more because we don't have to fix hair everyday. PS I do sometimes touch cute little heads.