Sunday, March 7, 2010

Planning to Practice

I am a planner. It's just how I roll. Which really, considering John boy's job is rather laughable if I do say so myself. But it is systemic in me. It makes me feel better. I can't help it. So knowing that we are about to go from four to five to six I have been planning on a few changes around here.


for example nearly brings me to tears every time I walk into the living room.


Was really fun the other day when I was about to serve the boys lunch. Just had to envision what it will be like. Of course after I took this picture I realized this is what our table looks like all the time and if I really want to envision I should have had 8 place settings instead of 6. Duh.

More of these on the way:

...though don't ask me whose room they are going in...everyone seems to have an opinion and everyone's opinion seems to be that they should sleep in their room with them. Perhaps we need four more boys and not just two; then everyone would be happy...honey? Sweetie? Bueller? Whatcha think?

Two more toothbrushes, two more bikes, two more lunch boxes, two more sets of shoes lined up perfectly by the door....uhhh, yeah...that's us. Our kids shoes are always

lined up perfectly

near the door....ahem....

Two more, two more, two more. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait.


  1. Isn't that how Noah's ark got full?
    two by two???

  2. Such an inspiration reading your blog. So excited to see those two frames up there and know that God already has these two boys picked out for your family. AMAZING!!!

  3. well... four shoes will be lined up by the door.. hehehehe so maybe the other eight shoes may follow? hahahhah cuz girl.. when Daniel came home he was lining MY shoes up! ;o>