Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where in all of China is he?


is where our little man is currently living. He is in foster care and from what we can tell being very well taken care of. I will never, ever be able to express to his foster family the tremendous thankfulness that we feel toward them for loving our son. (Good)Foster families in China are really the unsung hero's of this adoption process. They take in these children sometimes for years on end, raising them as their own, knowing that they may have to give them up to their forever families at some point.

What. A. Gift.

We are probably going to fly into Hong Kong and then take the train to his city. We are taking all of the boys with us so it should be an adventure of a lifetime!! Nothing like 5..maybe 6!....boys and two parents in a foreign country for 2 weeks! I think I need to learn to say, "No thank you, we would not like the turtle for dinner this evening." in Mandarin. Rose*ta Stone anyone?

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