Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where to stay.....

Knowing that 7 of us...maybe 8!...will probably not fit easily into a hotel room or two we are looking at alternative places to stay and came across this a few weeks ago:

4 bedroom apartments, now that's what I'm talkin about. Especially considering we will be in the same province the entire stay. Upside: lotsa space and we can avoid the smell of all those boys in a confined hotel room. Can I get a witness?! Downside: No free yummy breakfast buffet waiting for us downstairs each morning and there probably won't be other adoptive families staying there and if ya'll know anything about me, I love to eat, and I love hangin out with other people. What to do, what to do!

What I DO know is that I won't be spendin a lick of time in here:

that much I am certain of.

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  1. Love your blog! I stopped by from Stefanie's blog! I think we are sponsoring teeny together!

    We are adopting 2 girls from China! How old are your boys?- how wonderful- congratulations!

    With 4 of us in China- me , older daughter Katie, new daughters Emma and Ellie- we will not fit in the white swan- not sure what we will do? Let me know what you decide!

    Blessings on your journey!!